PCI: Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

PCI DSS compliance is a concern for any call center taking payments. It may even be a driver to upgrade or replace recording solutions or even the entire contact center software, an expensive and risky project, which still leaves large areas of the contact center in scope for PCI. Fortunately, there is now a watertight solution which boxes off your all your contact center compliance worries.

Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater

With Version 3.1 of the PCI DSS requirements now in force, anyone taking payments must be careful to meet the new standard. Contact Centers are now obliged to be proactive in remaining PCI compliant, securing payment data and showing that their processes do not leak data. This can be hard to achieve with systems which were not designed with stringent security in mind, and which may no longer be patched or supported. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater – PSS can take away the PCI-DSS compliance pain, and keep your contact center solution intact.

Keep Payment Data Out of Your Contact Center 

CallGuard provides a flexible and totally secure way to keep sensitive payment data out of your contact center. The concept is simple: any payment calls go through CallGuard, which is certified to the highest levels of PCI-DSS compliance. CallGuard, provides various flexible options to meet your needs, whether it’s removing just your agents, screens or call recordings from scope, or your entire contact center.

It can be deployed on-site or on a hosted platform, and use DTMF blocking, or tokenisation technology. Whatever you need to keep card data out of your environment, we have it covered.

Take the Responsibility Off Your Agents Shoulders

If you currently use segmentation or clean rooms to tackle PCI compliance in the call center, then you are placing all your security responsibility in the hands of the agent. Even pause and resume techniques, don’t fully de-scope the contact center from card data.

CallGuard ensures that your card data is never exposed to hackers or rogue insiders that may want to steal data. In the simplest case, CallGuard can minimise risk by securing agents, agents’ screens, and call recordings. As long as there are measures in place to secure the other aspects of the call center that come into contact with card data (desktops, LANs, telephony systems, networks, etc.) are secured by other means, this may fulfil your requirements.

If you need a full de-scoping solution, then CallGuard can prevent all card data from ever entering your contact center environment, taking the entire contact center systems, processes and network out of scope for PCI DSS

We Take the Risk, You Take the Credit 

Even if you want to secure everything but your telephony systems, we have an option that will do just that. And assuming you have a method to secure your telephony for PCI, your requirements are all sewn up.

We take the risk, and the pain of certification and audits. You just take the credit.