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LifeLock, with its dedication and loyalty, has ensured that the primary focus of its agenda remains identity theft protection of its customers. The technology used is state-of-the-art and the experts have vast experience and knowledge. If you are a member of LifeLock your identity and privacy are safe, sound and protected. Besides helping its customers and providing them with the highest level of security, LifeLock Indentity Theft helps the country and her industries by providing various other community services. They are currently involved with the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association and the national Organization for Victim Assistance. LifeLock has also developed a LifeLock Speaker Series that helps people become more aware about identity thefts.

LifeLock helps and guards its customers and members by providing services like Intuitive Threat Detection, Advanced Internet Surveillance, Proactive Alert System and 24/7 Live Personal Service. Along with identity thefts, LifeLock also helps you with credit fraud. You are alerted whenever LifeLock detects that your personal information is being misused to apply for wireless service, retail credit, mortgage loans, utilities and others. If you are a victim of identity theft and you are a member of LifeLock at the time then you will be provided services worth $1 million in the form of experts, lawyers, consultants, and others. LifeLock also protects your personal data using data surveillance, member service, and expert help all through the year. The two Identity Theft Protection Services provided by LifeLock give you a 30-day free membership and are:

LifeLock Ultima: It is one of most reliable Identity Theft Protection service in the country. You have unlimited access to your TransUnion credit score, surveillance of unregulated websites, $1 million service guarantee, all time credit bureau report monitoring and application alerts for your checking and savings account.

LifeLock: It is for people who do not leave a lot of digital footprints. LifeLock guarantees services worth $1 million in case of identity theft.

LifeLock offers five points of protection to its members, 24/7, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Their aim is to provide unlimited and persistent protection to its members. To get you started, here is the gist:

Monitoring Your Identity: As soon as you become a member of LifeLock, it starts monitoring for anything that might be deceptive. LifeLock contacts the major credit bureaus and removes your name from certain mailing lists; it also gives you open access to your dashboard through LifeLock Member Portal. LifeLock Ultimate provides added benefits like monitoring public and court records.

Scanning for Identity Thefts: LifeLock not only monitors your personal information for changes in credit applications and addresses, but also looks up known criminal websites to make sure your personal information is not being sold illegally. With LifeLock Ultimate, your payday loans are monitored along with any new savings and checking accounts you open.

Responding to Identity Theft: LifeLock contacts you via email, phone, and text messages if a threat of misuse of your data has been found. If your wallet is lost or stolen, LifeLock offers services to cancel and replace whatever you lost. They will take charge of the situation and file all necessary paperwork.

Trust Service Guarantee: After your enrollment, you will receive a guarantee of $1 million and have full access to their Remediation system and Member Services. Along with these benefits, LifeLock also reimburses you for some other expenses like fraudulent withdrawals, lost wages, care for dependents, document replacement fees, travel expenses and others.

Tracking your Credit Score: LifeLock Credit Score Manager is a tool to shield and monitor your credit score. LifeLock tracks your monthly TransUnion credit score and updates you on any changes, gives you your annual credit scores from the three credit score bureaus, and provides non-stop expert help whenever you need.

With LifeLock, the minute you become a member your identity and personal information are protected. You get your ultra-secure online member portal and within a month and a half, you receive your Welcome kit and membership cards. In the event of any threat or risk, you will be alerted post haste. Every month LifeLock will send you reports giving you an account of your identity status. You will be provided with information on the latest frauds and breaches so that you can take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. In addition, round the clock assistance will be provided for all the help you may need.

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