Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Development Accra - Advertisement

Axis HCL is currently open for advertisement! Our site visitors are mostly jobseekers, employers, entrepreneurs, managers, CEO's, etc. We focus on human resource management and job recruitment services that are relevant to our visitors. Our contents are current and updated frequently and maintained by the Axis HCL Web Team.

Our site receives an average of 100 unique visitors per month, 3000 page view monthly. If you are interested in placing your advertisement on our website, kindly contact us for due procedures. However, the following are the various kinds of advertisement spots we place on our site.

690 x 110 Large Rectangle Advert Spot

Available spot: 1

Location: homepage of site

Price: 450 GH¢ per month

220 x 125 Medium Rectangle Advert Spot

Available spot: 1

Location: side bar of site

Price: 350 GH¢ per month

110 X 110 Square Button Advert Spot

Available Spot: 4

Location: Side Bar

Price: 250 GH¢ Per Month

Additional Advantages

This is a fully automated system created by Axis HCL. Majority of the operation is be handled automatically by the system. Hence, you will receive additional benefits other than advertisement advantages. Here are some of them:

·         You can fill up a proper description for your image so that it will serve as a help message to indicate where the link goes to.

·         Each banner will have the opportunity that it will appear anywhere in its category. This means banners are not static they will be randomly place upon each refresh. This will ensure everyone have the opportunity to be seen.

·         The system will automatically resize your image to the appropriate banner size. However, it is advisable to resize it yourself before you send the image to the Axis HCL site server.


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