Frevvo + Google Apps = Real Business Forms & Approval Workflows

Google Apps for Work is a convenient and widely used suite of apps used by businesses as well as most schools and colleges. Users enjoy the easy-to-use interface, collaborative tools and cloud-based storage and access. However, Google Apps has significant limitations, particularly when it comes to approval workflows and associated business forms.

Add frevvo to the mix and suddenly you can solve real-world business problems with Google Apps including things like approving Sales Orders, signing Permission Forms and handling Employee Records.

Electronic Signatures

Frevvo’s forms have a convenient electronic signature function, allowing recipients to sign online and return the document electronically. This saves the time and expense of having to print a form, sign it manually, and then scan and return it. For example, a Purchase Order can be filled out by a sales person, sent to the customer who signs electronically on any device. The finalized Purchase Order can be uploaded as a PDF to Google Drive and saved for easy access.

Take Google Sheets to the next level

Frevvo forms can easily save submission data to a Google Sheet. Futhermore, frevvo can also enable users to securely view and edit only the data from the Google Sheet that’s relevant to them. It’s using the Google Sheet almost like a sophisticated database. Frevvo can validate data, run business rules, and route it for approvals before updating the Google Sheet.

Real-world business forms and workflows

With frevvo, you can also create very sophisticated forms that meet real-world business requirements. You can do things like generating PDFs (like a Government W-4) for an Employee On-boarding application and upload them to Google Drive, automatically calculating mileages for a Reimbursement application using Google Maps, and allowing parents to view and update Emergency Contact information from a Google Sheet for multiple students in a single place.

Built-in Mobile

Mobile usage is exploding in the workplace. Your forms and workflows simply need to work on all devices. With frevvo, there’s nothing to do. They’ll automatically work on smart phones and tablets without the need for complicated programming or modifications. All capabilities are fully supported on mobile devices including integration with Google Apps.

Company Bio

Frevvo provides easy-to-use, cloud-based software for mobile web forms and approval workflows that are easily customizable, and which provide real solutions for all types of businesses and educational organizations. With the ability to access, sign and route important documents from anywhere, businesses and other organizations can greatly increase productivity and cut costs.