Multi-Language Capabilities Help Manage K-12 Demographic Shifts

Never before in the history of the country has there been such a communication gap between the teachers and principals in the educational system and the students they teach. Today, more than 20% of all households with students in grades K through 12 are non-English-speaking families and minorities. Regardless of the language barrier, the parents of these children are required to complete a large volume of documentation to enroll their children in school and allow them to participate in a variety of school-related activities. The use of multi-language web forms makes it possible for parents who struggle with the English language to keep up with and participate in their children’s education.

An online form builder that can be customized to send documents and forms to parents in a choice of many languages makes it simple for them to provide schools with the information they need, without the errors that result from a lack of understanding of the English language. The school can configure the online form so that it is displayed and relevant PDFs are generated in the language that parents prefer. For example, parents can provide information in Spanish, and then view the resulting PDF in the same language. At the same time, the school can save the PDFs in both English and Spanish.

The availability of an online form builder with multi-language capabilities makes it possible to open up the communication between children, their educational providers, and parents so that every requirement is understood and met. The shifts in demographics in this country are only expected to grow, resulting in more frustration as non-English speaking parents unsuccessfully attempt to complete the documentation that is needed for their children to receive the same education as any other child in the country. Until they are able to understand the language and the practices of the educational system where they live, multi-language forms present a simple, effective alternative.

The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that by 2023, non-English speaking and majority households will become the majority of children under the age of 18 years old. Realistic solutions are needed to cross the barrier between parents and educators, so that children can participate in school trips, provide emergency contact information, have health and educational assessments, and become enrolled in school in the first place. Electronic forms can be used on all devices in multiple languages, can calculate totals, generate PDFs, e-mail them out, and use electronic signatures that simplify these routine procedures for non-English speaking parents.

The online and mobile capabilities of this technology allow students and educators to focus time and attention on teaching students, not on printing and scanning PDF documents for signatures. This is simply a way to evolve with the changing demographics to optimize the educational opportunities this country has to offer every student.

Company Bio

The company frevvo creates easy-to-use, cloud-based software to allow users to submit and receive mobile web forms and approval workflows that are customizable, and which provide real solutions for all types of businesses. Their products can help increase productivity and reduce costs by eliminating the stacks of paperwork that traditionally hinder businesses, and by bridging the communication gap in organizations that must deal with quickly changing demographics. Their solutions include forms to perform calculations, to make forms dynamic, to create electronic signatures, and much more.