Advanced Online Degree IT Programs Earn GCC Scholarships10 Top Rankings

A survey conducted by World Wide Education reveals that GCC ranks among the top ten online education portals, for producing the most in demand IT professionals in the Middle East region.

GCC Scholarships has emerged as the region’s top online education portals, providing access to accredited online universities that deliver quality education. GCC offers a variety of degree programs, covering a vast range of subjects. Besides the traditional bachelor’s, master’s and PhD level education, GCC  is also acting as a gateway to the students and working professionals across the middle east to acquire certifications and diplomas.

A recent survey conducted in the Middle East region revealed that GCC’s IT graduates are among the most demanded candidates for employment in the Gulf tech hubs. The factors that contribute to the demand of these professionals include academic qualifications, specialized skills and expertise. As of now, Middle East has become a global hub for huge IT projects and this has led to the need of professionals who can singularly handle and maintain projects that involve technology.

Universities affiliated with GCC take great care when it comes to designing the Information Technology courses, since they are the key aspect in the transformation of the students in becoming a reliable professional, well versed in the tactics and skills necessary for a promising career. Regarding this development, Chris Jones, the Communication Director at GCC said, “It is overwhelming to see the success we have achieved through not only our IT programs but in all of other programs that are being provided through GCC’s portal. Besides our course structure, our state of the art learning management system and dedication of our faculty is conducive to the success of our students and ours in return. We like to think that by harnessing our students, we bring out the best in them and contributes to the greater good of society on the whole.”

GCC is offering competency-based online IT degree programs that are designed to meet the demands of today’s professionals. These programs include bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degree that facilitate the students in learning competent skills through a series of online classes and assessments without having to attend classes traditionally. 

About GCC Scholarship Online Universities

GCC Scholarships focus on the overall development of students by providing them access to Middle East’s top online universities, matching them to the best scholarship programs available in their field of interest. Besides affordable and flexible courses, GCC Scholarships also provides career counseling services and a chance for working adults to study from an international expert faculty.