Tavistock Consulting Celebrates 20 Years of Leadership and Organisational Consultancy

Tavistock Consulting will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary on 11th September 2014. Tavistock Consulting was established in 1994, as a business unit within the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, to innovate around a long Tavistock tradition of leadership and organisational consultancy.

Initially led by Jon Stokes, the original staff group included Clare Huffington and David Armstrong. The strong impetus behind the establishment of the Tavistock Consultancy Service was the continuation within the Trust of the ‘Tavistock Enterprise’ (Armstrong 2012), in working with organisations and contributing to thought leadership in the field. 1996 saw the publication of the seminal text ‘The Unconscious at Work’ (Obholzer and Roberts).

Since 2000 the business has continued to flourish and remains an integral part of the Foundation Trust. In 2004 ‘Working below the Surface: The Emotional Life of Contemporary Organisations’, authored by staff consultants Clare Huffington, David Armstrong, William Halton, Linda Hoyle and Jane Pooley was published. 2004 also saw the publication of ‘Organization in the Mind: Psychoanalysis, Group Relations and Organizational Consultancy’, authored by David Armstrong.

Our client base has since expanded as we apply our approach to more commercial organisations and across a wider range of health and public sector bodies.  Our team of core staff has grown to eight and we extend our reach nationally and internationally with an active group of associate consultants who are experts in the field. 

Our high-profile events include hosting the hugely successful international symposium on the theme of ‘The Future of Work’ for the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations and a scholarly symposium to consider the contemporary application of social systems as a defence against anxiety. 

In 2011 we rebranded as Tavistock Consulting with the sector focus (private and public) that forms our current business strategy.  We have also extended our range of courses, developed an Executive Coaching programme to senior practitioner level (accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and initiated an accredited professional doctorate degree, which along with the MA, is a substantial part of the Tavistock Consulting training portfolio.

Over the last two years our clients in the public sector have included a number of large and medium sized NHS Acute Trusts, NHS Mental Health Trusts, Primary and  Community Care Services, Commissioning bodies (PCTs and now CCGs), the Health Foundation, London Probation Trust, North East ADASS and a wide range of other public sector bodies.  In the private sector we have worked with clients from global manufacturing, banking and finance, creative industries, professional and legal services; including a top London law firm.

This year Tavistock Consulting launched its new website, accompanied by the organisation’s LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.  The website provides an overview of the four core consultancy products and related case studies on Discover Leadership, High performing boards and executive teams, Success with mergers and integration and “When work goes wrong”. 

“Our greatest assets are our people, who in the Tavistock tradition, all uniquely bring distinctive personalities, experience and expertise to their work.  This is a very exciting period for Tavistock Consulting’s existing and new team members – we are passionate to build on our rich heritage and the success of the last 20 years to increase interest in our work and approach", said Judith Bell, Director.

About Tavistock Consulting

Tavistock Consulting is a people and change consultancy that identifies and addresses “what’s really going on” for today’s organisations, teams and leaders. We work under the surface to tackle the hard to reach issues that are limiting performance and help our clients work with that reality to accelerate growth, increase innovation and creative capability to step change performance.  

Our collective expertise in individual, team and organisational behaviour change and group dynamics – underpinned by our foundation in clinical work, informs what we do. We are part of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which since 1920 has garnered an international reputation as pioneers of mental health care and education.

We have an exemplary track record working across industry with clients in the private and public sectors, helping people and organisations optimise their potential for success.