Author and Sex Therapist Cassandra Lorius Launches New E-book

UK – Renowned author and sex therapist Cassandra Lorius has just released a new ebook, titled “Sexual Secrets: How to Find Your Orgasm,” that promises to deliver on its premise; teach women how to embrace their sexuality and enjoy better orgasms,and more fulfilling sexual experiences. The new ebook is part of Cassandra’s new series of books that provide educational and informative material dedicated to helping sexually active young women appreciate themselves sexually in order to enjoy sexual pleasures.


“How to Find Your Orgasm” is a how-to guide for women on finding and achieving orgasms. The timing of the book couldn’t have been better, given the shift in previous reserved perceptions on women’s sexuality to a more embracing culture, with the modern woman being open to learning about her body and how to fully appreciate/achieve orgasms. In the UK, this shift has seen more talk on the same, and TV audiences have been treated to program content that delves into sexuality like “Masters of Sex,” based on research by 1950s sexologists Masters and Johnson. Also, in December, 2013, a documentary called “The Week the Women Came” is penned to air for UK audiences, and tells the story of 4 women who seek help from sex therapists about anorgasmia (never having had an orgasm), a condition the women suffer from.


The aforementioned examples of a more open mindset by audiences, and women in particular, serve as the perfect backdrop for Cassandra to engage women on what it takes to enjoy sex (and orgasms) better. Her new book delves into the explicit, and lays bare what many women might have ignored, assumed, or didn’t know. Specifically, Cassandra focuses her research  on female anatomy, how to utilise what we now know about the neurological “wiring” that makes an orgasm possible, the nature and type of responses that are guaranteed to bring on an orgasm (how and where to touch, for example), among other insights. Even couples can benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared, and can learn how to master orgasms in order to bridge into couples’ sex.


The book is well laid out in chapters that build upon each other, meaning readers will not want to put it down the whole way. The book is especially helpful for young, sexually active women who would want to learn how to achieve orgasms. Here’s an excerpt from the book: “You can learn to orgasm no matter what your age is...The journey to orgasm is a journey of exploring your own body … before learning how to communicate these with a partner.”


“My belief is that you can both get the sex you want! That involves finding out what you want, communicating it, and negotiating to get both your needs met!” says Cassandra, in response to why readers should buy her ebook. "Too many women spend years having sex without achieving orgasm, and end up believing that there's something wrong with them. That's not the case - as every woman has the potential for orgasm, and for more and better orgasms than she ever imagined." Cassandra's next book in the series will be addressed to men, titled Help Your Woman Find Her Orgasm.


As the bestselling author of 7 Steps to the Best Sex of Your Life, renowned counsellor in sex, relationship therapy, and couples therapy, Cassandra Lorius is in the perfect position to give expert advice and knowledge on women’s sexuality. Apart from running her own website (, where she offers advice and consultations, she also lectures on the same topics, most significantly being her lecture in 2012 for the Royal Society of Medicine on “What Tantra Has to Offer Sex Therapy.”


“Sexual Secrets: How to FIND YOUR ORGASM” is available on  Amazon, with a Kindle download now released on and


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