Woodstock - Awesome Ride or Bad Trip? Read Now!

Deerfield Beach, FL – August 13, 2014. If you are looking for vintage music t shirts then Tribut Apparel is your place to go. Tribut not only sells great vintage rock tees but dedicates weeks to the greatest people, moments and genres in music. Always being vintage, unique and in the know you can expect them to celebrating the 45th anniversary of the most legendary music festival of all time!

Woodstock. The word alone is known all over the world as a weekend full of music and peace. It is one of the most legendary events in America during the 20th century and with all this notoriety you would think we would know everything there is to know about the three days that changed the Nation, right? Put some flowers in your hair and dig into the details surrounding the Peace, Love & Mud at Woodstock!

Keep coming back for more! We are always paying tribute to the history of rock & roll music and each week we guarantee you learn something new & noteworthy! 



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