DoYourData Offers Secure Data Destroying Solution for Permanently Wiping Data on Windows 10 PC

Permanently destroying data on PC is not easy. There are thousands of data recovery tools & methods on the internet that can help to recover deleted/formatted or even the damaged files from PC hard drive or storage media. Data leakage becomes more and more dangerous in today's society. That’s why DoYourData releases the powerful data destroying software – Super Eraser 3.0 for Windows 10 users.

DoYourData is famous for its data recovery software. DoYourData knows well how to recover lost files. So it absolutely knows how to 100% avoid data recovery, and makes all the data recovery chances become impossible. The release of Super Eraser 3.0 gives Windows 10 users a good solution to permanently destroy and wipe sensitive data before they sell, giveaway, donate their PC or when they are going to share a same device with other people.

With advanced technology, Super Eraser 3.0 will destroy the selected data on Windows 10 PC, and overwrite the disk space of the erased data. So it will permanently wipe the data beyond the scope of data recovery. This solution is suitable for permanently destroying unwanted data on Windows 10 PC to prevent the users from data leakage.

Super Eraser offers three modes to wipe data on Windows 10 PC . First of all, it allows users to selectively erase files or folders. Secondly, it can wipe the entire hard drive partition to permanently destroy the existing data and the deleted data on the partition. The third mode is designed for wiping the deleted data and traces on Windows 10 PC without wiping the existing data. It is very flexible and safe.

Super Eraser 3.0 also supports for Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Windows Server. It means users can use it to permanently wipe data before they sell old PCs. It also can destroy data on digital camera, USB drive, SD/memory card and external hard drive.

Download Super Eraser 3.0:

It is recommended to back up important files before using Super Eraser to wipe data because it will permanently destroy the data with no chance of data recovery. After data wipe, the data can’t be recovered by any data recovery software or data recovery service.

About DoYourData Software:

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