The oil painting painted by America's former president Bush has been hot selling in USA

China – Handmade Oil painting is the essential part of each America¡¯s family. As this traditional habit, the America could be regarded as the largest market for handmade oil painting. Recently, the blog of website , which is the best online supplier for china oil painting reproductions, has released the interesting news about this ¡°largest¡± oil painting market. The main content of this news is that the former United States president George W. Bush begin to sell oil paintings which created by him. Now, let people know detail about this news.

According to media reports, the former U.S. President George W. Bush began to focus on the creation of his own oil painting after leaving office. When the 2013 Christmas is around the corner, Bush had beginning to sell his paintings masterpieces. This should be the most interested news for people all over the world. Some people should have the puzzle that does this former president lace of money? Maybe it is only his interest.

The painting that had been created by George W. Bush depicts the image that a cardinal oil paintings wholesale perched in the branches of the tree. This oil painting was originally produced by Bush and be regarded as the gift for former U.S. ambassador. Nowadays, this painting has become the commodity in each painting gallery. This Painting is priced at $29.98 and it can be used as the best decoration for Christmas tree. There are museum clerk said:¡± The number of ornaments that be produce according to this painting has been selling ??about 10,000 copies.¡± That is to say the former America president has already gained a lot of dollars.

On the other hand, Bush said that he was inspired by the world famous former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and then he began his career of oil painting. Furthermore, he also admitted that he is not a genius and he said some world with self-deprecating that the signature on this painting seems to be more valuable than the paintings themselves.

From this news, people could find that the oil painting is the very commonly commodities in America. In addition to the market of America, the handmade oil painting in countries of Europe is also very big. The number of oil painting lover around the world is very huge and amazing. That is why the business of which is the professional online supplier for china oil painting reproductions could become better and better. However, the high quality and low price are also main factors for their success.


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