Sheffield Is Excited About The Arrival Of Best Known E-Cig Brand, STEAMLITE


Sheffield, UK (April 01, 2014) – The fantastic city of Sheffield is thrilled with the much waited arrival of the premium electronic cigarette brand, STEAMLITE. This is the most reliable name in the electronic cigarette industry around UK and beyond.

STEAMLITE is a trusted name as far as high quality and user friendly electronic cigarettes are concerned. E cigarette Sheffield market has been revolutionized with the wonderful products of this company. Other then its high quality product line, STEAMLITE is also regarded for effective and functional customer services. This company dispatches each of the shipments, as soon as the order is placed. Besides that, the convenience associated with STEAMLITE electronic cigarette in Sheffield, are beyond any doubt.

STEAMLITE has hired the best of the market and ecommerce specialists, who have the flair in understanding the diverse demand of the customers. This company tries to come up with the right set of products to serve the market in the best possible way. STEAMLITE e liquid in Sheffield is one of the brightest examples of the detailed research of the company. The members engaged in this task, have handpicked the most desired flavors, starting from, tobacco, menthol, apple, cherry, banana, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, to peppermint, strawberry, mocha, coffee and mot more, In fact, this company has introduced more than 150 aromatic flavors as per the demand of the customers at the most affordable rate.

Apart from electronic liquid, STEAMLITE has spent many of useful resources in designing the range of e-cig kits for the customers. Starter kits, Couple kits, Auto charging kits, Heavy user’s kits, and Premium kits are just few examples of the detailed work of this prestigious company. E cigarette standard kit is just another example of regular up gradation of the product lines of this company. This kit is offered at just GBP 9.99. The company has introduced a plastic carry case along with this kit. This kit is found in menthol and authentic tobacco flavors.

Nemours buyers across the nation keep a regular track on the web page of this company. Most of them, do not want to miss out any new inclusion in the product range. J Fox is a regular follower of the online e-cig store of STEAMLITE. He says, “Being a loyal customer of this company, I never miss out any of the newly introduced products under this logo. I find this to be the most affordable and high quality electronic cigarette brand in the whole of UK market.”


STEAMLITE is a wonderful online e-cigarette store. This company is based in United Kingdom.


STEAMLITE in Sheffield