Plumber in DC Expands Commercial Help For Urgent Plumbing Needs

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Finding a plumber in the DC area is very hard and people already know the struggle of looking for a plumber that won’t charge more than the work is worth or misinform them regarding the work that needs to be done. Plumber In DC is a company known to be honest, sincere and truthful to their clients. Plumber in DC has over twenty-five years of experience in the Washington, DC area when it comes to plumbing, with a focus on commercial clients.

They always want clients to feel safe and secure throughout the process. That’s why they always make sure to provide excellent service and explanations each step of the way. They have received the highest ratings, compared to other companies, because they were considered as one of the most trustworthy locations to find ethical service providers. Recently they’ve been asked by several famous local restaurants to demonstrate their professional areas of expertise. Each business was amazed by the service that they received. The specialized attention commercial establishments receive from this company demonstrates their understanding of retail, business, and corporate operations.

Plumber in DC is equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to handle any problem that may arise with plumbing systems, equipment, and appliances. Upon contact, plumbers can be scheduled to arrive depending on the convenience of their customers. They can go to the location as soon as possible or at a scheduled time, based on the specific request and best time for the business. This plumbing company in DC also has a team of master plumbers and gas fitters who can efficiently identify problems when there are issues with kitchens, bathrooms, or operational systems.

Plumber in DC performs maintenance, repairs, and installations with integrity, experience, and the specific skills needed for success. They provide custom quotes and advice based on each specific situation. Their reputation for working around companies schedules is well known, and earns them repeat business.

Whether a water line repair & replacement may be in order, sump pump & well pump repairs needed, or other plumbing issues, there are a number of solutions this company in DC can help with. Their services also include water pressure management, fixing of leaking pipes, faucet repair & replacement, backflow testing, gas piping, and drain cleaning.

Their owner, Mike Orehowsky, says that he, along with his technicians, take pride in their work, being on time, displaying ethical conduct, and professionalism within the trade. Their normal business hours are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday – Friday, and if a client has special needs due to business hours and busy times, they will work around them. More information can be found at

Plumber in DC
Address: 620 Park Road NW #22, Washington, DC 20010
Phone: (202) 810-0624