8 Ways to Organize Your Office Space

Even a creative genius will justify their workspace messes by stating, "I think better in my clutter!" However, for most people, even geniuses, this isn't actually true. A study by Princeton University concluded that everything within your field of vision is competing for your attention, whether you realize it or not, stifling your ability to focus on the task at hand. Therefore, a cluttered office indeed leads to a cluttered mind. Are you helpless when it comes to clutter? Here's how to stay on top of it.

1. Shred or Toss Unnecessary Papers

Aside from the distraction it causes, piles of documents and papers are a liability. How many of those papers contain sensitive information on you, your company, or your valued clients? Rid your office of unnecessary papers and documents, taking care to shred any that might be a liability to you or someone else. Use scanning automation software to quickly and efficiently store what you do need to keep.

2. Utilize Document Management Software

After your finished organizing your papers, you'll realize that many of those documents have to be kept around. Flexible and reliable document management software is available to help you scan and store those important documents, so they'll be much easier to find when needed. With a keyword search, you can immediately access the exact documents you need, rather than shuffling through a 6-foot high stack of papers.

3. Invest in Organizers

Before you rush to the office supply store and buy up every organizer available, take stock of what you need to organize and consider the best way to do it. You'll want to keep things you use constantly close at hand, so these items need to go in a desktop style organizer or drawer organizer. Lesser used items can go across the room in a storage cabinet or wall-hanging organizer.  

4. Establish Zones around the Office

One way to organize an office and keep it organized is to establish zones. Create an area for the personal items you keep (a gym bag or change of clothes), an area for office supplies (paper clips, spare pens, and printer cartridges), an area for diplomas and awards, a space for files, and most importantly: establish your desk as a clear work zone, free of unnecessary clutter. Keep nick knacks, photos, and other "fun" stuff on a shelf away from your work area.

5. Get a Larger Trash Bin

Lots of offices get cluttered because the tiny trash can gets full and there's nowhere to toss the junk. Invest in a larger trash bin so you can throw away items you no longer need immediately. Be sure to clean off your desk of all trash at the end of every day.

6. Take Unnecessary Items Out of the Office

Are you keeping things around the office that are entirely unnecessary? Many workers bring rain coats, jackets, jogging shoes, and other items to work and never get around to taking them back home. Load up stuff that doesn't belong at the office full-time, and put it back where it belongs.

7. Use a Labeling System

A common (and ultimately invalid) argument against an organized storage system is, "I'll never find it again!" This is solved simply enough with an inexpensive labeler and some labels. Mark everything as clearly as possible (a.k.a. "staples" instead of just "office supplies") so you can grab what you need easily, without destroying your newly neatened office.

8. Schedule Cleanup Days

The best plans and intentions get tossed aside when the workload cranks up, clients are screaming, and the boss is ticked. Put a little extra time in your calendar each week for a cleanup. Fridays are excellent for this task because you'll come in Monday to a nice, neat office. The joy of it might just inspire you to keep it clean through the week.

Are you inspired to de-clutter your office? Browse through some furniture magazines and check out the latest, sleek office designs. Seeing other beautiful offices will spark your desire to neaten up your own environment.


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