For Women’s Health Inc. has started their July Yacon Syrup sale on Amazon

For Women’s Health Inc. has started their July Yacon Syrup sale on Amazon . During the month on July, people can buy their organic Yacon Syrup with 50% off and with each purchase, they can get their new weight loss program for free!

The page where they are selling their Yacon Syrup is

Yacon Syrup is a weight loss syrup that increases metabolism, reduces sugar cravings and helps reduce constipation.

Even though it is sweeter than sugar, it has only a third of the calories found in sugar, and because of this, a lot of people use yacon syrup as a sugar replacement and a weight loss supplement.

2 years ago there was an experiment done on 50 overweight women. 25 of them started to take yacon syrup daily, while the other 25 took a placebo. After 2 months, all the 25 women in the yacon syrup group lost on average, 8 pounds.

For Women’s Health has been selling weight loss supplements on Amazon for over 3 years, and when they heard about the experiment, they decided to test yacon syrup on their clients for 30 days.

They created a test group of 100 women, all aged between 30 and 55, which were all following their new launched weight loss program.

50 of the women in the test group also took 3 table spoons of Yacon syrup daily, while the others 50, didn’t.

After 30 days, the women who did not take Yacon syrup lost on average 15 pounds, however the ones who also took Yacon Syrup, lost on average 21 pounds.

Because of this, they decided to start selling their blend on Amazon, and during the month of July, all people who buy their Yacon Syrup with 50% off, will also get their new weight loss program, consisting of morning workouts and a meal plan based on protein.

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