Treating Severely Abused Children Topic of "Once Upon a Mountain"

Eugene, OR – April 8, 2014 – The Eugene International Film Festival presented an exclusive pre-release screening of “Once Upon a Mountain,” Thursday, April 17, 2014, 7 PM, Valley River Center Regal Cinemas as a fundraiser for Jasper Mountain, a treatment center for abused children.  The Jasper Mountain campus is located in an idyllic forested setting east of Eugene, Oregon, near the community of Jasper.  Dr. Dave Ziegler, founder of Jasper Mountain, will lead a discussion following the presentation of this inspiring documentary.

Children and families facing the most difficult of child abuse circumstances from across America, including foreign adoptions and crisis response services, receive outstanding long-term care from the skilled and respected staff at Jasper Mountain.  Jasper Mountain will open a new school building at its short-term SAFE Center, this summer, 2014.

Abused children, blurred on camera for privacy, are remarkable for the spectrum of life experiences they have suffered and their candor in the telling of their stories.  There is no violence depicted in “Once Upon a Mountain,” although there is some content not recommended for children.  This is a documentary that captures the heartfelt successes of Jasper Mountain so well told by everyone involved, including staff and visiting alumnae.

Allen, a former member of the Jasper Mountain “family” as a child, is seen on camera when he returns after 21 years for an emotional meeting with staff and the children now following in his footsteps.  He states, “I think what children take from Jasper Mountain is a sense of hope for the first time in their life.”

Frank Papagni, J.D., Assistant U.S. Attorney adds, “Without such agencies like this, there’s not much hope.  In my line of work I do damage control.  I react to people having committed crimes.  This is a place I come to where I’m thinking that if I can help these children, not to stay damaged, not become bitter, not become angry, but to understand that there is a lot of good in this world.  Then, that’s the hope I’m looking for – because with that hope, they can build their lives to be productive for society.  I quite frankly find that a lot more satisfying than convicting criminals for hurting them in the first place.”

“Once Upon a Mountain” was produced by Melbourne, Australia film producers Rima Darwiche and Reuben Street and is now being shown throughout Australia in support of child abuse programs in their nation.

A distributor’s representative attending the Eugene International Film Festival in November, 2013 acquired “Once Upon a Mountain” for distribution.  It is believed by those that have seen “Once Upon a Mountain” that it will have a profound influence on others that will see it as it reaches a worldwide audience.

“Once Upon a Mountain” received the Best Social Benefit Documentary award at the 2013 Eugene International Film Festival.  The insight, real-life stories, and the successes documented by the producers are joined in a remarkable presentation.

Imagine having to live with abuse.  “My message to people is don’t give up on kids – be
as healthy as you can – represent what you want them to be.  And do not lose hope for even the most damaged, the most traumatized individual – the ones you never thought there is a chance.  There is hope.”  Dave Ziegler, Ph.D., L.M.F.T., L.P.C., Licensed Psychologist, Executive Director, and Organization Founder.

For more information about treatment for traumatized children at Jasper Mountain, or to make a donation, contact Michelle Perin, Jasper Mountain, 541-747-1235, 37875 Jasper-Lowell Road, Jasper, Oregon 97438,

The Eugene International Film Festival is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit,  The screening of “Once Upon a Mountain” is made possible in part by support from Imagination International, Inc./Copic Markers, Bravo Web Solutions and Image King Signs.

Thanks to Regal Entertainment Group and Valley River Center for partnering with the Eugene International Film Festival to bring awareness to child abuse during National Child Abuse Prevention Month.