What our team is up to

Not much on the outside, it'd seem. Our site's bootstrap is niceish (now, anyways), and we have absolutely no calls to the backend. But hey, the blog is cooler! We'll be working on some more integration of other projects before writing our own code as the engine.

Before anything else is up, you'll be able to use as a clone to cloud9's editor (we're... kinda... hoping to write the engine from inside the editor...). You'll have to have a GitHub account, and any changes you make to code are only cached onto the server (you'll have to commit changes to your repo).

Later on, we'll be crawling pages and working on code to insert information into our database. No better way to figure it out than trial and error, right? You still won't be able to see this on the site, it'll stay looking like cloud9.

In tandem with that, we'll be trying some visualization using d3.js, which is how we'll format the search engine result pages (even though we won't have any result pages yet).

Once we seem to have the crawling and visualization down pat, open season.

we're not going to have that any time in the foreseeable future.
Note: Intending to be as depressing a report as possible.