High Quality Medical Supplies by SBH Medical

Columbus, Ohio – If you are working at a hospital or a nursing home, it is important that you understand the essence of purchasing quality medical supplies. These can make a big impact on your patients in the facility. Plus, your patients deserve nothing but the best treatment. The sick and elderly who are in your care rely on you to be prepared with the highest quality medical supplies in Columbus, Ohio. With different companies offering medical supplies, it can sometimes be difficult for you to choose which one to do business with. In order to make a good choice, it will require you to spend some of your time doing research on the various companies out there. This can give you a better chance of finding a company that will provide you with some of the most outstanding products at the best prices.


In order to further enhance your knowledge of what medical supply in Columbus, Ohio you need to purchase, it is best to know the categories that each medical supply falls under. There is the “durable medical equipment” which is specifically designed for long-term use. This category includes a variety of medical equipment such as mobility aids (wheelchairs, walkers, scooters), hospital beds, personal care aids (dressing aids, bath chairs, commodes), prosthesis (artificial limbs), oxygen concentrators, orthotics (therapeutic footwear), among other items.


On the other hand, “disposable medical supplies are items that can be used once and then thrown away. This category includes a variety of medical equipment such as incontinence products (disposable undergarments, catheters), blood sugar test strips (for patients with diabetes), bandages, protective gloves, among other items. Having a well-informed decision about what products you need can be particularly crucial whether it is for your health and protections or someone else’s. The importance of having the proper medical supplies should never be underestimated. If you purchase inadequate or improper medical equipment, it can really endanger the well being and health of the patient.


SBH Medical offers some of the most advanced medical supplies in Columbus, Ohio. Each one of their products has a single objective which is to enhance the quality of life for anyone who uses them. Their company takes pride in establishing a consistent communication with anyone they do business with. They are committed to creating a personal connection which has been reflected in their award winning trophy case. You will see that it is not only filled with metal statues, but with pictures and cards from some of their grateful clients, most of whom they have never even met face to face. If you are looking for a trusted partner to provide you with solutions, they are more than willing to attend to your needs.


Since SBH Medical is a full service specialty compounding and infusion pharmacy, they provide innovative treatment options and pharmaceuticals for physicians and patients. Other medical supplies they have to offer include biological products (vaccines, blood and blood components, allergenics, etc), injectables, dressing supplies, ostomy and wound care products, gloves, and many more. Their commitment is to deliver the highest quality products, provide their customers with premier service, and maintain clinical excellence. They want to help you achieve positive outcomes and strong performances while improving your bottom line.


If you are in need of their homecare services, they offer maintenance and dose adjustments, pump refills, and program management by CRNI. They have physician/office based services which include pharmaceutical supplies, pump refills, nursing services, and medical/surgical supplies. If you are in need of clinical access services, they provide peripheral/central/subcutaneous/epidural PCA, and intraspinal/intrathecal/implanted pumps. And some of their commonly prescribed medications include Bupivacaine, Fentanyl, Meperidine, Ketamine, Methadone, Morphine, Sufentanil, Hydromorphone, Ropivacaine, Clonidine, Tetracaine, Baclofen, and custom compounded medications.


So if you are looking to make use of any of SBH Medical’s wide range of services or purchase any of their medical supplies in Columbus, Ohio, they are your trusted and reliable pharmacy. Through exchanging knowledge with their customers, they can help to improve treatments and procedures in hospitals and medical practices which can increase the safety of all patients, doctors, and nurses. They are PCAB accredited/certified which reflects that they are a symbol of quality and safety to meet the highest standards. Providing personal service has always been on their calling card. You can contact them at (614) 847-6007, or if you wish to order, call (866) 724-6333