Sioux Warrior Red Hawk Ledger Art on Exhibit at the Pioneer Museum in Lander, WY

Sioux Ledger Art display at the Pioneer Museum in June and July

A new travelling display at the Pioneer Museum explores Sioux Indian ledger art from 1891. Paintings by warrior Red Hawk depict the lives and feats of Sioux in battles with other tribes, fighting the U.S. Cavalry and preparing for the Ghost Dance. The display is in the western gallery of the Pioneer Museum.

By the late 1800s most of the bison were gone and with them the hides that had been the traditional canvas for Native American painting. In their place the Sioux, Shoshone and other tribes used old bound ledgers from white stores (which were often thrown out when they were full) to depict important events in their lives.

This ledger was recovered by Army Captain R. Miller in 1891. In it were 116 paintings by Red Hawk. The display has 36 reproductions from the book and is a fascinating glimpse into the life of a free Sioux warrior.

The display is part of the Wyoming State Museum’s traveling exhibit program. Displays about Wyoming’s history are available to museums, schools and other cultural institutions throughout the state. The State Museum in Cheyenne has permanent galleries and rotating displays open to the public covering the history of the state. The State Museum is located at 2301 Central Ave. in Cheyenne, and is open 9-4:30 M-Sat and admission is free.

The Pioneer Museum’s summer hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Call the Pioneer Museum in Lander at 307-332-3373 for more information, or visit the museum Facebook page: Pioneer Museum Lander Wyoming.

The Pioneer Museum is located at 1443 W. Main St. Lander, WY