R4 3DS RTS own many useful functions which could be very advantageous for each player's playing process

USA - For each Nintendo 3DS FANS, the newly released R4 3DS RTS should be the best choice for them to freely clone and copy the related 3DS game. Now, the best online platform for R4 3DS RTS Card which website is will introduce with people the strong point of this newly released r4i gold 3DS type.

The first advantageously factor of this R4 3DS RTS should be that this sort of Card could allow players to save their game statue at any point in the game. Once the situations of failure or shutdown occur in the game playing process, people could constantly restart it by just read the last instant archive to continue the game. On the other hand, the R4 3DS RTS also introduced the function of instant archive file sharing which could be copied between different SD cards. People could just load the game from the archive of different SD card to continue the game. This newly released function could greatly make the playing progress become convenient.

The second function should be the real time game guiding which could guide players to research and play the game very easily. The novices can easily help people research and pass the border and obstacles of the energy level of the game. The r4 dual core card could support the documents of Txt and Bmp. When both of these files exist, the related Bmp file of Strategies should be the priority one. On the other hand, the TXT file support in the encoding of English, Chinese and Japanese. The instant game guide should be the dream for each game player. By the help of this function, no matter how hard the game is, player could easily pass all borders in it.

On the other hand, this new type of R4 3DS RTS also strengthens the ease of using the cheating function in the process of game playing. The most crucial improvement should be that this new card could be compatible with the mainstream DAT cheat database format so that the player's cheating documentary sources also will be more extensive. Meanwhile, in addition to the support of widely DAT files, it could also support the instant cheating function. People could only star the function of start/change the cheating code in the playing process for the game and then simply archive the game statue first, and then return to MENU to set the cheating code. After all of these processes they could re-enter the game and LOAD the archived file about the former game statue.

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