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As a pioneer in the world of fitness, 24 Hour Fitness strives to be more than a fitness club. With a mission to help people improve their lives and taking into account that every person has their own goal and perspective as to what fitness means to them, with a variety of programs and experts, 24 Hour Fitness achieves what most other clubs can only dream to, a passion for life and health. 24 Hour Fitness clubs are easily accessible and one of the most popular health clubs in the country. Its main agenda is to provide whatever the client desires, no matter what time of day. The client comes first, hence its policy of staying open 24/7, throughout the year. With almost 400 million members in 400 or more 24 Hour Fitness clubs in states like New York, Colorado, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Florida, Washington, Virginia, and others, the company is even more dedicated to cater and reach out to provide the best service to its huge number of members.

24 Hour Fitness offers personal training, group exercises, cardio and other equipment training and has a program that fits everyone. Whatever your work schedule, they will put your needs in the driver’s seat while deciding your fitness schedule. Whether you are looking for dynamic, fun group classes or a one-on-one training, 24 Hour Fitness will make sure you make the right choice. Cardio, strength training, aerobics, water-based programs- take your pick.

Group Classes at 24 Hour Fitness is called Group X. It is filled with high-energy, and has loads of options. There are scores of classes specifically designed for different needs and body types and fall in categories like cardio, boot camp, cycling, dance, kickboxing, Les Mills, mind and body, active aging, strength, aqua and zumba classes. They are a thrilling way to shed those extra pounds in an exuberant environment. These classes are designed to build your strength, stamina and increase your endurance. Dance your way to the perfect body with hustle, hip-hop, and zumba. Group classes are all movement-oriented programs to help you sweat out the stress, extra weight and increase your metabolism. Learn self-defense moves in martial arts and boxing classes, or do taekwando, yoga, and free weights. 24 Hour Fitness offers an eclectic mix that you can mix and match according to your interest and keep things enjoyable.

24 Hour Fitness has certified personal trainers for its exclusive Personal Training classes. If you are looking for something specific, and need the full attention of an expert, you are at the ideal place. Lose weight or put on those muscles and look like a million bucks, 24 Hour Fitness delivers on their promises with unparalleled aplomb. Personal training is the fastest way to reach your goals with undivided focus. You are given guidance and encouragement, with the help of customized programs that are created keeping you, your lifestyle, body type, eating habits, and goals in mind. Each session with a personal trainer is of 25-50 minutes.

Start by trying out 24 Hour Fitness’s free fitness evaluation. 24 Hour Fitness is the perfect choice for everyone, no matter what you do or what shape you are right now, you will come out better, fitter and healthier.

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