Georgia-Based MAP International Evaluating Medical Relief Needed for Areas Affected by Earthquake in Afghanistan

ATLANTA, October 26, 2015 -- Global health nonprofit MAP International ( is working to determine the level of assistance needed for those injured in this morning’s earthquake in Afghanistan. A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the Badakshan Province of Afghanistan at 1:39 p.m. local time.

MAP International is working with its partners on the ground to determine how best to assist in the relief efforts. They report rockslides and landslides blocking roads and damaging bridges and cell phone towers. The damage and needs assessment could take several days.

  • The earthquake’s epicenter was in the Hindu Kush mountain range and was felt from Pakistan to Central Asia.

  • Initial reports list 177 killed in Pakistan with the majority of people killed being from the Khyber Paktunkhwa Province. Another 33 were reported killed in Afghanistan. (as of Noon EST 10/26)

  • Hospitals are on alert in the KPK Province to receive an estimated 600 additional injured people.

Any relief efforts will be done in coordination with and in support of the relief efforts lead by the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has mobilized the Army to fly assessment missions in the affected areas. As of Noon ET today, international assistance had not been requested.

In many disasters, serious health threats arise quickly and require a swift response to stabilize the situation.  Medical donations pose numerous challenges to mount an effective response and are difficult to secure in time to make a difference in the critical early phases of a disaster.

  • As a result, pre-packed, standardized kits of medicines and medical supplies were developed over the last 20 years to form what is known today as the Interagency Emergency Health Kit (IEHK).  

  • These IEHKs are designed to address the priority health conditions of disasters and have been widely adopted by relief agencies and national authorities.

  • Intended to treat the health needs of 10,000 people for three months, IEHKs are a critical component in responding effectively to onset disasters.

If requested, and based on its long history of providing global relief, MAP estimates it will need $15,000 to fully fund a shipment of vital relief medicines and supplies to the region. Donate online at

About MAP International

MAP International is a global health organization that partners with people living in conditions of poverty to save lives and build healthier families and communities. Known for its 99% efficiency rating, MAP provides medicines, prevents disease and promotes health to create real hope and lasting change.