7 Simple Tricks to Make Your House Packing Stress-Free

Moving to a new home is the third most stressful life event, but packing for the move is almost as stressful – if not more sometimes.

You can however reduce the stress – or even totally eliminate it – by resorting to some creative ways that make packing easier.

1. Plan. Plan. Plan.

According to the experts, the key to a successful move is in the preparation, rather than the day itself.

You should plan your packing and moving months before the d-day, so you don’t have to rush through it – and end up leaving some things out.

2. Gather moving boxes and other required packing supplies.

Get different sizes of strong moving boxes for items of different sizes. Ensure you get quality boxes as they might have to house your goods for weeks, and you also don’t want them falling apart while moving.

You should also get other packing materials like scissors, wrapping sheets, marking pens, bubble wraps, packaging tape, etc.

3. Pack and send non-essentials ahead of time.

You should pack your non-essentials first, and then send them ahead of time while you go with your essentials or put them into the truck last.

Items you’ve not used in a couple of weeks should go into the box – from room to room. Then as the move date approaches, you can begin to put in those that are more frequently used. Save your most essential goods for last.

4. Gather some old clothes and towels you can use for padding.

Instead of spending money on padding materials, you can resort to towels and old clothes in padding your breakable goods for moving.

Put old clothes in the middle of fragile materials like bottles, and wrap your other breakable valuables in towels before putting them in their boxes. You can wrap each of your glassware in a sock to avoid breakage when they clink against each other.

5. Pack a “survival bag”

You should pack a separate bag (or box) of must-haves and everyday needs, like change of clothes, toothbrush and paste, rechargers, towel, and soaps, that you can take with you on the plane or in the car.

With this, if it takes time for your goods to arrive while you’re already at the new home, you’ll still be fine. Just make sure you don’t keep this box where it can be mixed up with everything else.

6. Count and keep track of the number of boxes you have

You want to ensure you don’t leave anything behind. Count the number of boxes you have and keep record. Then recount when everything has been delivered into your new house.

7. Hire a reputable moving company.

Professional movers specialize in getting your stuff safely from one house to another. They are methodical and they pack you up according to how you organize your stuff in order to make unpacking easier.

A great benefit to using professional movers is how they handle furniture. They dissemble your furniture neatly, pad and wrap them for transportation, and then reassemble on arrival at your new house. And the best part? They are responsible for any damage to your good. So…fear not.

They’re also easy to find. Just do an online search for movers in your state. For example, if you’re based in Nashville, you should be able to easily find a Nashville moving company via a simple Google search.

Now you have no reason to be afraid of your next move. With the above tips and tricks, rest assured you’ll remain fine and unstressed.