Growth Trades Launches New Articles

Over the last couple of months Growth Trades has build up quite a following. Their easy-to-understand explanations of binary options, foreign exchange and contracts for difference, combined with a beautiful design and layout have lead to a number of favourable comments. The site is also easy to navigate. Their blog can be found at

Share the love. A new feature has been added. It is called “Articles.” All articles here can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. An email address has also been added where the site’s admin can be contacted. 

Ever wondered how to become a day trader or even if you should enter the world of day trading? Is foreign exchange trading a good thing or not? What about gold? Should one trade it or not? Find the answers on Growth Trades under the “Articles” section. 

A number of the comments asked if the admin of the blog also post on social media sites. The answer is yes. You can follow them on Twitter (MorneCampher1) and also like the Facebook page (