The Rainmaker Media Group & Rhonda Brilliant Are Proud to Add Tuscany Based Alt Rockers, Piqued Jack's, to Their Prestigious Roster

Tuscany based alt rockers, Piqued Jacks release new EP titled "UPTURNED PERSPECTIVES"

AUSTIN, TX, July 04, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Finding a way to capture the essence of their powerhouse alt-funk-rock sound in colorful words, the four brave Italian souls of Piqued Jacks are on the record as saying "being able to speak without impediment, having sex in the most intense way possible, expressing ourselves 100 percent."

This kind of cheeky boldness ensured that E-King (lead vocals, piano), Penguinsane (guitar, backing vocals), littleladle (bass, backing vocals) and ThEd0g (drums, backing vocals) wouldn't stay in their tiny Tuscan village of Borgo a Buggiano forever. They're back home now to record their next album, but only after a wild whirlwind tour of Texas from October 2013 to April 2014 - 50 shows in 40 venues, including South By Southwest 2014 - to promote their last EP Just A Machine, which was produced in Los Angeles by three time Emmy Award winner and Grammy nominee Briane Lanese of the band Permanent Ability.

Piqued Jacks are currently rolling out a worldwide digital release of a "double single," two tracks that represent where the band is now and where they're heading: "Upturned Perspectives," a blistering anthem which reflects their trademark main funky alternative style, and "No Bazooka," which finds the foursome taking on a more experimental, new-wave/U2-like Eurovibe.

"The song 'Upturned Perspectives' shares the more intimate thoughts of a man who is trying to understand the mixed emotions that hit him after the end of a relationship," says frontman E-King, whose real name is Andrea Lazzeretti. "Does the emptiness counteract the wisdom he has gained? 'No Bazooka' is a romantic songs with a lot of cool metaphorical images of the sun, moon, biscuit and cup of tea. The title refers to the fact that there's no bazooka behind our hearts - only sweet emotions and no violence. The two new songs reflect the new direction we are taking as a band. We think that our new sound is more mature and solid than Just a Machine, and we have a more open approach to music, experimenting new instruments and song structures. They are the 'oldest' of the new songs we have, and represent perfectly the transition from the last EP to the upcoming record we are working on now. To us, 'Upturned Perspectives' and 'No Bazooka' are part of our endless growth process and the possibility to evolve."

A group of childhood friends, Piqued Jacks started out in 2006, before any of them were serious about a career in music. One day in rehearsal, someone dropped a bass and the damaged jack resembled a "boner" and they felt the sexual allusion perfectly suited their early sound. After a few years of honing in on the edgy, melodic sound that came to define them, they hunkered down and in 2010-11 released two EPs that received solid airplay on Rai 1 and Radio Rai 1 in Italy. Lanese heard their music online and invited them to L.A. to record Just a Machine with them. They describe the EP as "a moody and muscular album with flickering funk guitar mingling with carnal rock, including ecological themes." Before heading for Austin, Piqued Jacks played a successful release party at the Cappano Blackout, a top Italian venue for underground music, in addition to shows at the Marea Festival (that also hosted Mogwai and Dream Theatre) and Rock in Roma (the same night as Atoms for Peace).

"In Italy, generally, it is difficult to find gigs outside your local area, which is what made our last trip to the U.S. so exciting and why we plan to return after the new album is done," says E-King. "We love working together and sharing these great experiences. We know each other since childhood, so that makes our relationship very strong and genuine. And of course we share a deep passion for music. Our chemistry is the result of those two things combined together. We understand each other very well and, when we find the sound we love, we feel it."

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