Cool Scoop: 30,000 Ice Cream Cones Served at Glenwood Hot Springs

Cold, creamy and kid-pleasing, ice cream is a sell-out summertime treat at the world famous Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.

In fact, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, the Colorado resort dishes up approximately 30,000 servings of ice cream in the form of cones, cups and sundaes. Kids of all ages flock to the Snack Bar, where the restaurant rules – no shoes, no shirt, no service - don’t apply. On the contrary, wet swimsuits and bare feet are the standard attire for cueing up for a cone. 

Serving the thousands of ice cream cones is a team of young adults, mainly high school-aged locals, many of whom have logged time in the line for a cone themselves. Don’t know what flavors to choose? Ask the counter staff for a recommendation. 

As for the ice cream itself, choose chocolate, vanilla or a chocolate-vanilla soft serve twist. Kids like to spike their cones with Flavorbursts™ that add a tasty twist to ordinary cones. Flavorburst™ options include root beer, watermelon, cotton candy, blue raspberry, peach, green apple, banana and strawberry. 

Not only do the Pool’s cups and cones hit the spot on the hottest summer days, the prices make them an affordable beat-the-heat treat. Choose kid-sized servings for $2, a small size for $2.50 and a large for $3. Add Flavorbursts ™ for just .50 cents more. 

Thirty thousand ice cream cones sold represents thousands of happy customers. Find out more surprising facts about Glenwood Hot Springs or book a room at

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