Resolution Research adds RIVA Trained & Certified Master Moderator, Laurie Quericioli, to Team

With Resolution Research's emphasis to continually develop and grow, our current focus is in healthcare and our ability to magnify our qualitative services. We'd like to introduce Laurie Quericioli, who adds the perfect combination to the team with significant talent and depth of experience in both areas. Laurie is a healthcare specialist and a RIVA trained and Certified Master Moderator who has experience working exclusively in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.  She has successfully managed and moderated numerous healthcare studies with professionals, consumers and patients in a variety of categories across highly complex topics such as ADHD, allergy, aesthetics, anesthesiology, cardiology, cosmetology, diabetes, depression, dermatology, gastroenterology, glaucoma, HEP C, HIV, implants, knee/ hip replacement, LASIK, orphan drugs, managed care, medical technology, ophthalmology, orthopedic robotic technology, pain management, patient drainage systems, psoriasis, refractive surgery, respiratory, rheumatology, surgical mesh, sutures, vision correction and more.  Her broad experience in the healthcare industry began in 1996 working in sales and marketing as a regional sales manager for medical equipment and device company in the respiratory arena. In 2009, she transitioned her career to marketing research technology and eventually moderating and consulting. With experience in pre / post launch tracking, concepts testing, positioning, message and sales aid development as well as business strategy and exploratory research, she is constantly working to help businesses understand their customers.  

Quericioli now serves as Resolution's Director of Market Development and Qualitative Services for all verticals. She came to Resolution from JustQual+, LLC where she worked for the past five years.  "I am delighted to be working for woman-owned marketing research firm that has been serving the industry for 25 years!  I'm excited to conduct my next study in our new focus group facility located in the heart of Denver.  The space is beautifully finished, unique and private with plenty of free parking."
Quericioli's experience with online and live methodologies includes individual in-depth interviews, focus groups, web-enabled telephone interviews and bulletin boards.  Consulting, project management and moderating can be offered in your desired market(s) or at Resolution's headquarter's office and focus group facility in Denver, just off I/25 & Santa Fe.

If you're attending the Rocky Mountain Qualitative Research Consultant's Association (QRCA) chapter meeting in Denver this Wednesday, September 30th, you can meet her in person. Please be sure to add Quericioli to your contacts or reach her directly at 303.478.0459 or at  Nina Nichols, CEO of Resolution Research, says "And remember, the Q doesn't only stand for Quericioli but for Qualitative!!  We are truly delighted to bring such a powerhouse magnetic moderator to our team."

In case you're wondering how to pronounce Quericioli - think Italian and say "Qwhere-Cho-lee" or click here to hear it pronounced, choosing the FIRST option to say it like she does; or the second like everyone else.