A and E Queens Roofing Offers Professional Home Roofing Solutions

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, don’t damage your investment by ignoring any repairs to your roof says A and E Queens Roofing.


Immediate Release: 19th February 2014. Owning your own home is a huge investment, possibly one of the biggest investments of your life. It is important that you take care of your investment and do not ignore the parts of your home that you do not see. A and E Queens Roofing want house owners to know that making sure their roof is maintained is very important.


A and E Queens Roofing who provide the best quality and professional home roofing solutions based on the specific needs of different client groups only employ the most experienced Roofing staff. They want people to know how expensive it can be for the home owner and how distressing it can be if they fail to properly maintain their property roof, leaving what was once a little damage that could have easily been repaired to a large repair bill though not maintaining the roof properly.   

A and E Queens Roofing who are the company people in Queens turn to when it comes to all their roofing needs including protecting the property from weather and storm damage, offer commercial roofing and residential roofing. Their aim is to work closely with their clients offering the best possibly roofing service at an affordable price.

The Queens trusted roofing company provides all expert quality roofing services which include: residential roofing, Re- roofing, Roof inspection and maintenance, Roof repair and installation, making A and E Queens your fourth emergency service when it comes to your property and roof.

It is important as a property owner that you avoid any serious damage to your roof and if you have bad weather then it is essential to check for any damage to limit that damage from stretching into a major repair job.

If you require a professional an affordable roofing service in Queens, then visit or call 1.646.681-3979 and see how we can help you maintain your property investment.