Efficient Cashflow Finance Solutions from The Invoice Market

The Invoice Market, a revolutionary platform for business cash flow finance through its real-time online auction for invoices, provides businesses efficient and industry-leading solutions. The company helps turn invoices into cash within 24-72 hours.

[SYDNEY, NSW, June 26, 2014]—The Invoice Market,a leading Australian company that offers real-time online auction for invoices, provides business owners a fast, efficient, and highly competitive cashflow finance solution. The company gives businesses fast access to flexible working capital by selling their invoices via a secure online auction. The Invoice Market helps clients turn their invoices into cash within 24-72 hours. 

Understanding Cashflow Funding

Also known as trade invoice receivable funding and single invoice discounting, cashflow funding is one of the most popular mainstream finance alternatives in Australia today. It involves selling invoices as an asset. The finance company grants businesses access to an ongoing supply of cash directly linked to their sales without borrowing money, tying up their assets, or giving up equity. This boosts cash flow and impacts profitability positively.

The Invoice Market offers business invoices to a panel of qualified buyers who compete for them in real time. Subscribed clients have access to all bid prices and can accept the most competitive bid that suits their specific needs. 

Affordable and Straightforward Fee Structure

The Invoice Market implements an affordable and straightforward fee structure. Businesses can expect no hidden fees or unexpected charges. There’s also no lock in fees or unused facility fees as well as personal property security. Users just need to pay an annual participation fee, which covers the cost of administration and credit assessment procedures,and provides an unlimited number of trades on The Invoice Market.

Greater Flexibility and Control

Unlike other traditional cashflow finance groups, The Invoice Market gives businesses and funders full control. Clients dictate selling parameters, maximum discount rate, and the proportion they would like to advance upfront. They can raise finance only when needed, on the invoices they select. Businesses and funders can use The Invoice Market as little or as often as they like.

About The Invoice Market

The Invoice Market is the first and only business in Australia offering real-time online auction for invoices. The company has been developed to provide an efficient market-based platform to match businesses that need cash flow funding with investors willing to provide working capital and cash flow finance. The team behind The Invoice Market has an extensive experience in asset management, corporate business banking, information technology, and law.

Clients may visit to learn more about the company and its cashflow finance solutions.