WP-Boundless Offers Everyone the Freedom to Create with WordPress

Bloggers all around the world have a new design tool that they need to get their hands on. The WP-Boundless , launched by Solostream , is an innovative concept in website design. The premier WordPress theme has many little surprises all rolled in one. It is flexible enough that new bloggers can build a website that truly stands out and power web gurus can quickly crank out projects that make use of the most technically advanced WordPress design tools.

The creative team at Solostream developed WP-Boundless to answer the contradiction of how to deliver a powerful yet easy to use theme that will appeal to all levels of WordPress users. Their themes are some of the most widely used on the Internet and have been a popular choice among theme developers. The company has invested time and effort in coming up with a theme that is a 100% custom designer friendly and one, that has been conceptualized purely based on customer feedback. It is a one of a kind theme with limitless features.

Some of the cool features of the WP Boundless Theme are the responsive design framework that enables easy viewing and easy editing as it adjusts to the size of the device on which the designing takes place. The one click color schemer allows the user to paint his website with just about any color in the rainbow.

There are no more color restrictions, no boundaries, limitless fun and a chance to explore user creativity is what WP Boundless brings to the table.

In addition to the above mentioned features, others include: advanced site styling, page layout flexibility, quick and easy logo integration and so on. These features bring out the true creativity in a web designer and can make a newbie produce sites like a pro.

WordPress has been a popular blogging platform for users worldwide. And, now with the new and improved WP-Boundless WordPress Premium Theme , users can expect to get a lot with very little investment of time, money and effort.

About Us:

Solostream is an established WordPress premium theme developer that has been serving thousands of customers since 2007. The company currently offers 30+ GPL license premium themes as well as a collection of free themes that are used on thousands of web sites and blogs around the world.

And, with innovative technology and dedication to customer feedback, the company has designed a theme that addresses different kinds of design needs. To know more about this brand new theme, and start using it, log onto

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