'francOfilm Festival 2015' 5th Edition from March 19 to 21 - Movies Buffs Delight

Embassy of France/ IF in cooperation with Alliance Francaise Dubai present 5th edition of 'francOfilm festival 2015' from March 19th to 21st, 2015.

The French Embassy/ IF with Alliance Française Dubai are thrilled to announce ‘francOfilm Festival 2015’ from March 19th to 21st at VOX Cinemas at Mall of Emirates, Dubai. The highly anticipated event will celebrate francophone days in the UAE on the silver screen.

The 5th edition of francOfilm festival in Dubai is in partnership with Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai Culture and TV5 Monde Orient with the priceless cooperation of Alliance Francaise Dubai.

Films from Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Tunisia, Haiti, France will be offered at a discounted price (Dhs. 25). A delight for filmgoers, francOfilm festival will include the Premiere of 'Samba' starring French actors Charlotte Gainsbourg and Omar Sy.

New this year, 'francOfilm festival' will showcase Femis Summer School Gulf Short Films. The 'Gulf Filmmakers Summer School' was organized for the first time in 2014 at FEMIS (Top 5 film school in the world) in Paris. The students short movies will be shown prior to each francOfilm screening.

This new programme, offered by both the French Embassy and IMAGE NATION Abu Dhabi to UAE nationals had run for 5 weeks of intensive classes, during which trainees thoroughly explored the craft of filmmaking. The aim was to involve trainees in creating works allowing them to better understand the roles and tasks that are part of filmmaking today.

Short movies line-up:

+ Dead Start directed by Aiham Al Subaihi - (6’05)

+ Hidden directed by Shahad Al Shehhi - (4’31)

+ Advice directed by Shaqra Al Hameli - (4'57)

+ Scene from a Relationship directed by Bader Al Ketbi -  (6’37)

+ Confession directed by Mohammad Swaidan - (5’45)

francOfilm festival 2015 -  Films Synopsis and Trailers (All movies are with English subtitles)


Premiere - by invitation only

'Samba' ( 118 min) – 2014 (12+) - With Arabic subtitles too.

Directed by Éric Toledano, Olivier Nakache
With Omar Sy, Tahar Rahim, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Samba, a Senegalese man who's been living in Paris for ten years, gets by doing odd jobs. Alice is ahigh-level business woman suffering a burnout. He's been doing every thing he can to get his French identity papers, while she's trying to pull herself together by doing volunteer work for an immigrant association.

Both are trying to find a way out of the impasse their lives are in, until the day that their paths cross. Between humor and emotion, their story opens up another way to happiness.
What if life has more imagination than they do?


'Fievres' (Fevers) (90 min) - 2014 - 15+

Directed by Hicham Ayouch

Morocco, France, United Arab Emirates, Qatar | French Subtitles: Arabic, EnglishWhen 13-year old Benjamin’s mother goes to prison, the boy is sent to live with Karim, the father he never knew he had, a North African immigrant laborer living with his own parents in a sterile French suburban apartment block. Benjamin is sullen, profane and destructive, testing limits and rejecting any attempts at kindness or even contact by his father and grandmother. Karim’s father despises the boy, and for reasons not immediately revealed, seems to despise Karim as well. Benjamin wanders the streets, headphones clamped on his head to shut out the world, scrawling graffiti on the blank walls. He connects only with a free-spirited poet living in an abandoned trailer in the woods. An explosion is inevitable, and even if détente is reached, both father and son may be too damaged for a standard happy ending.


'll était une foret' (Once Upon A Forest) (78 min) - 2014 - General Public

Directed by Luc Jacquet

In his new film, Luc Jacquet takes us on an extraordinary journey deep into the tropical forest, into the heart of life itself.

For the first time, a tropical forest springs to life before our very eyes.
From the first shoot to the blossoming of giant trees, from the canopy to the development of hidden links between plants and animals, no less than seven centuries will unfold before us.
Luc Jacquet has been filming nature for many years, moving and thrilling audiences with unique and exciting tales. His encounter with the botanist Francis Hallé gave birth to this heritage film, combining the transmission of knowledge, poetry and visual magic, about the last great primal forests in the tropics.

Il était une forêt offers an exceptional immersion in this wild world that has remained in its original state, in perfect balance, where each organism - from the smallest to the largest and all connected to each other - plays an essential part.



'Yasmina ou les 60 noms de l'amour' (90 min) - 2013 - 15+

Directed by Nacer Khemir

"Yasmina and the 60 names of Love" is a hybrid, an unclassifiable film built on drawing a deeply personal journey with a lot of autobiographical elements. When the ancestor tells his life, the speech is raw. She speaks of suffering, of a harsh and cruel life. The viewer is mesmerized by this being in the twilight of her life. And like a litany, the names of love are listed, translated and hypnotize the ones who hears them. This film is certainly more of a philosophical research, with its share of requirement. A requirement that, according to the author, lacks in today's society and participate in its own decadence.


'Deux jours, une nuit' (Two Days One Night) - (95 min) - 2014 - 15+ - With Arabic subtitles too

Directed by Dardenne brothers

With Marion Cotillard

In Seraing, an industrial town of Liège in Belgium, Sandra (Marion Cotillard) is a young wife and mother, who works in a small solar-panel factory. She suffers a nervous breakdown and is forced to take time off from her job. During her absence, her colleagues realize they are able to cover her shifts by working slightly longer hours and the management proposes a €1,000 bonus to all staff if they agree to make Sandra redundant. Sandra later returns to work and discovers that her fate rests in the hands of her 16 co-workers, and she must visit each of them over the course of a weekend to persuade them to reject the monetary bonus. However, most of the co-workers need the proposed bonus for their own families and Sandra faces an uphill battle to keep her job before the crucial vote on Monday morning.


'La petite reine'  (108 min) – 2014 - 12+

Directed by Alexis Durand-Brault

With Laurence Leboeuf, Patrice Robitaille, and Denis Bouchard

Based on a true story, PETITE REINE follows Julie, a young cycling star, two races away from winning the World Cup—her reward for years of intense training.  Then Julie is denounced for doping.  Alone and with no knowledge of the world outside the realm of racing, Julie must find a way out.


'Assistance Mortelle' (Fatal Assistance) - (84 min) - 2013 - 15+

Directed by Raoul Peck

On January 12 , on the occasion of the third anniversary of the earthquake that killed in Haiti, 230,000 persons, injured 300,000 and left 1.5 million homeless, the country is in even more severe than in previous years : barely begun reconstruction , economic stagnation, sustainability makeshift camps and new overcrowded slums in Port- au-Prince and surrounding . It was this failure that the Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck documented two years , when turning his gaze on international aid, which in his eyes is the first responsible of the situation.


 @ VOX Cinemas Mall of Emirates, Dubaï

 Opening film

Wednesday, march 18th 8pm SAMBA (118 min) - 2014 - on invitation only

Thursday, March 19th 7pm DEUX JOURS, UNE NUIT (95 min) - 2014

Thursday, March 19th 9pm YASMINA OU LES 60 NOMS DE L’AMOUR (90 min) - 2013

Friday, March 20th 3pm IL ETAIT UNE FORET (78 min) - 2013

Friday, March 20th 6pm ASSISTANCE MORTELLE (84 min) - 2013

Friday, March 20th 9pm FIEVRES (90 min) - 2014

Saturday, March 21st 3pm LA PETITE REINE (108 min) - 2014

Saturday, March 21st 6pm SAMBA (118 min) - 2014


Schools screenings of ONCE UPON A FOREST upon bookings.


Ticket price: Dhs.25 (only!) 

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