Peter A. Fields, MD DC, Speaks to Over 400 Professionals at AAAAM Convention

Santa Monica, California - The American Association of Anti- Aging Medicine recently hosted its annual conference in Las Vegas and featured Peter A. Fields, MD DC, “The Athletic Doc®,” as a keynote speaker. This conference is an annual event established for medical professionals, including doctors interested in less invasive healing practices. Peter A. Fields, MD DC, offers a unique professional perspective as both a trained medical physician and chiropractor. His experience with non-surgical techniques was well suited for this 21st annual convention focused on 'regenerative' medicine. This is the fourth time Peter A. Fields, MD DC, has been invited to the conference to lecture as an expert on this topic.

Athletes around the world deal with stress-related injures which keep them from performing optimally or participating in activities that used to bring health and enjoyment. Peter A. Fields, MD DC, addresses these issues on a daily basis as a trained medical professional and serious athlete himself. His expertise in the area of non-surgical solutions was the highlight of the recent AAAAM Convention. More information about the convention is available at

Peter A. Fields, MD DC, addressed common issues associated with pain and swelling and how they can be cured using regenerative therapy for knee injury treatment in Los Angeles . He is able to treat most common knee injury problems effectively and non-surgically, allowing athletes to return to training. Additionally, The Athletic Doc® treats shoulder injury as a prolotherapy doctor in Los Angeles

Peter A. Fields, MD DC, uses prolotherapy methods that have proven regenerative benefits. This type of treatment along with PRP injections is an effective method for joint pain recovery while avoiding unneeded, invasive and painful orthopedic surgeries. By choosing PRP treatment, Los Angeles patients can avoid invasive and painful surgery and still see fast healing results.

About Peter A. Fields, MD DC:

Peter A. Fields, MD DC, is both a medical doctor and chiropractor with over 25 years of experience in helping those with injuries in the Los Angeles area. He operates the Pacific Prolotherapy and Medical Wellness Center in California. His combined areas of expertise along with his athletic experience allow him the insight to treat orthopedic issues from a holistic perspective. He blends the best techniques in modern medicine along with less invasive, naturopathic treatments in order to offer all patients the best in overall health and long-term wellness.

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