Industrial Roof Ventilation Products and Services from Austral Insulation

[BRISBANE, January 29, 2014] – Austral Insulation, Australia’s leading supplier and installer of insulation products, talks about one of its premier services – industrial roof ventilation. The company also discusses the benefits of every ventilation product it offers.


Industrial equipment produce large amount of heat, causing discomfort to any work environment. Austral Insulation offers a range of vent solutions for industrial properties. It carries products from some of the biggest and most trusted brands and come with innovative features for better efficiency.


A well-designed and installed ventilation system creates a safer workplace and healthier workers. It also improves productivity and reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Manufacturers, warehouse operators, and other industrial business owners may choose from the following vent solutions that will match their ventilation requirements:




This wind-driven roof ventilation system allows the air to enter the building and circulate. Made from aluminium, the Windmaster integrates modern features with classic design to boost performance. Customers can enjoy great choices, as this ventilator is available in 26 colours.




This highly efficient polycarbonate roof ventilator requires minimum wind speed and strength to operate. It’s designed to perform in light breezes, promising insulation even during the hottest months.  There’s a vent for every roof, as SupaVent comes in 16 colours.




Industrial properties need enough supply of air and sunlight. A TurboBeam roof ventilation system from Austral Insulation provides efficient ventilation and allows sunlight to enter the building. This type of ventilator is ideal for sheds and attic storage spaces. The clear acrylic head provides a high level of efficiency and a taste of modern style.


About Austral Insulation


Austral Insulation is Australia’s leading provider of insulation, ventilation, and moisture control products. Founded in 1977, the company takes pride in improving indoor environment in residential and commercial properties. It offers products and services that allow customers to reduce their energy consumption and help save the environment.

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