Long-haul Holidays Market in UK - March 2014: Industry Size, Trends and Growth Report

Full-service airlines will ultimately be forced to react to compete by launching their own no-frills fares, as a number such as BA and Air France have already done in the short-haul market, or in emulating the bundled fare options offered by American Airlines. Such a move would allow full-service airlines to capitalise on stronger reputations and brand heritage, while retaining a foothold on the first page of comparison websites.

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Issues and Insights

  • How will no-frills, long-haul airfares impact the market?
  • The facts
  • The implications
  • How can airlines react to shifting consumer expectations?
  • The facts
  • The implications

Trend Application

  • Transumers
  • Guiding Choice
  • Futures: Generation Next

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