Hillsdale Daybed- What Is A Daybed?

A daybed is a very versatile as it can be used for seating and sleeping purpose as well. They not only look stylish but also help in saving space in a room.

Daybeds can be placed in many settings as they are very versatile. These make a great bed for regular sleep, sleepovers, cat naps and the usual lazy reverie over the weekends. These can fit anywhere from a spare or guest room to kids’ room or even in the master room. They make a great sofa/bed for the office and sunroom too. They often come with an optional trundle bed which can easily be hidden under the main bed. Whenever there is a need for an extra bed this trundle bed can be pulled out to meet the requirement.

How are trundles useful?

Trundles make great beds for unexpected guests. There are two types of trundles, a drawer trundle and a pop up trundle. Whether one has to arrange for their child’s sleepover or for an out of town friend, beds with drawer trundles make an excellent extra sleeping place. They don’t occupy any unnecessary space. When not in use they can be very conveniently tucked under the bed. Beds with pop up trundles are more popular as they convert the everyday sofa bed into a king size one. These types of beds are made of metal. There is a choice of leaving them in the lowered position or keep them in elevated pop up position.

What to look for in a daybed?

In Hillsdale daybed frames come in a great varieties. The frame is the foundation and the essential feature of a daybed. One should be very clear about the style they want like trundle or no trundle, and the place where they want to keep it, indoor or outdoor. Along with frame materials and styles, size is also an obvious feature that one has to look for in a bed. People who like to keep the settings of their house authentically traditional, they can go for a backless bed. Earlier in France these backless beds were decorated with bolster pillows at both side and a matching canopy of fabric. These beds are made from metal or wood or both and they also come in upholstered versions too. Since it is also used as a sofa therefore the mattress support system along with the frame has to be checked as it has to support not only a sleeper but seated people as well. Wooden frames made of maple, pine, oak, walnut or cherry look very classy and elegant but with a trundle become very heavy. Instead of solid piece metal frames come with a grill design, making it lighter. But these are less comfortable than the one with padded or solid back.

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