Health Experts Launches Massive Awareness On Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Orlando, Florida – Being one of the essential B complex vitamins, Vitamin B12 is greatly important for energy metabolism. According to various researches, the prevalence of Vitamin B12 today has alarmed various health experts. Aside from that, it was also found out that the prevalence of Vitamin B12 can be observed on adults as it is on children. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to various health problems which includes pernicious anemia. It is a disease wherein there is a decrease of red blood cells in the body. Health experts worldwide are running various awareness campaigns against Vitamin B12 deficiency which includes vital health teachings on how to prevent it.

According to health experts, there are various ways of preventing Vitamin B12 deficiency. One of the most effective way would be eating food which are rich in Vitamin B12 which include meat, eggs, milk, shellfish and more. The problem however is that, these kind of food are what vegans try to avoid. With this, health experts recommend using Vitamin B12 supplements. One of the best-selling Vitamin B12 supplements today is Choice Nutrition Supplements’ Vitamin B12 Complex Sublingual Liquid Drops. Sublingual drops is the more practical option as it is cheaper and easier to take than injection. Supplementation is also very important for the elderly as they tend to not have enough acid in their stomach that allows the absorption of the vitamin. This is especially important for the elderly and those taking drugs that control stomach acid, such as PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) and metformin. The elderly may greatly benefit from it because they may not have enough stomach acid to help them absorb the vitamin. The same is true for those taking PPIs and metformin as the drugs reduce the levels of stomach acid.

“It is prudent to advise all vegetarian and vegan patients, particularly if they are elderly or anticipating a pregnancy, to consume synthetic cobalamin daily, either by taking a supplement containing B12 or eating a serving of vitamin B12-fortified products.” – Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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