Black Chair Records Open for Business

Orlando, FL – Black Chair Records is currently producing albums for both Christian Rock artist Christopher John and Alternative Rock musician Anton Reed. They are scheduled to release later this year. Writing and producing your music isn’t easy, but also add marketing, public relations, web management, and promotional material creation on top of it. Black Chair Records is here to help musicians, artists, and bands with the extra pieces so they can focus on the songwriting.

When it comes to producing an artist founder Anthony Altadonna feels that two important things must occur: “1. Never go into a session with a preconceived notion of who the artist is. I take the time to get to know the artist and where they’re coming from musically and as a person. 2. Check your ego at the door” (Anthony Altadonna, 2014).

Black Chair Records was formed in 2009 under We Tone Records. Originally from New York, Anthony Altadonna wanted to help musicians create their vision and develop their career. This summer Anthony Altadonna will open the doors of Black Chair Records to the public, so anyone can have a consolation and record.

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