With International Women's Entrepreneur's Day less than a month away, we named it our duty to celebrate in a massive way. Female entrepreneurs, especially ones of color, are often underrepresented in our society. And because of that, we tend to believe we are alone in this entrepreneurial journey. That's not the case. There are over one million woman owned businesses in this country and one of our goal, here at 100 Female Entrepreneurs, is to make sure female businessowners, like you, are uniting to elevate their businesses to grander heights.

This event will be hosted by Georgia State Representative: LaDawn Jones

Our mission is to make sure you, and thousands of women like you, know that you are not alone in this journey. But here's our BIGGER mission to celebrate International Women's Entrepreneur's Day: To have THE largest gathering ofwomen business owners ever hosted by Georgia State Representative LaDawn Jones and our Founder, Nicole Garner Scott at the State Capitol.

Doors open at 10:30a and the program will start at 11:00am

So why are we doing this? 

Our goal is to not only to have a permanent space in the Guinness Book of World Records, but to make a mark on hearts of other female entrepreneurs around the world, who may have ever felt alone. 

So will you join us on our mission? We can do so much more together than we can do apart. So let's prove it. 

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