Entrepreneurship and the Escape from Legal Segregation

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Clifton Taulbert is a serial entrepreneur, but it wasn’t all that easy. As an African American living under legal segregation in the South, life was very challenging. He wasn’t even allowed to visit the local library. His Uncle Cleve, who owned the community ice house, became his mentor and savior, teaching him simple entrepreneurial lessons that lasted a lifetime.

Cleve was so influential in his life that Clifton and co-author Gary Schoeniger wrote a book about him titled, Who Owns the Ice House? It’s become very popular, especially among college students, young entrepreneurs, and people who aspire to become one.

Oh, by the way, the first library that purchased his book was the one Clifton could never visit. We’ve come a long way!

Entrepreneurship was Clifton’s ticket for success. Will it help you? How?

Please listen to this 60 second audio and learn more about the amazing Uncle Cleve.

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