Mark Birnbaum is not just a hotelier, but a hospitality icon!

‘Since 2006, Mark Birnbaum and his hospitality group, EMM have gone strength to strength and outlet to outlet to become a mainstay and a force to reckon within the industry’

Eight years ago when New York’s nightlife was at a kind of dull and boring stage, three individuals, named Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein decided to take matters into their own hands, and launched the EMM group, which is known as “the revolutionary group in hospitality”.

The EMM group has launched many classy venues such as: LA Cenita, FINALE and CATCH which have become the most popular names in New York’s nightlife and hospitality.

Mark Birnbaum has always believed in the power of good food, and good music and entertainment; the same applies to all of the EMM group’s outlets. There is no doubt that Mark was an active part of the changing phase of New York’s thriving and booming nightlife once again.

Some people even say that Mark was one of the pioneers of the said revolution. Hotels and nightclubs are not the only thing that makes the EMM group stand unique in the crowd.

Being a full-fledged hospitality management company, the EMM group manages events, promotions, and plenty of other management ventures.

The group holds a reputation for emerging in the form of a solution for people who are looking for a weekend of fun and entertainment, after an exhausting work week.

In addition to delectable food and beverages and top-notch music; live events are also a great strength of the EMM group.

The EMM group is host to some of the greatest live events in the country, giving people another reason to abandon their qualms and escape into a fun filled weekend.

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