Tsunami Worldwide Media Signs Author DAVID SACHS with the Worldwide Release of THE FLOOD

New York,NY Thursday March 5, 2015 - Tsunami Worldwide Media signs award-winning author DAVID SACHS who lives in Chelsea, Quebec (Canada), in the woods of Parc du la Gatineau, in his spare time he writes and conquers the world. David has contributed features for major metro newspapers and magazines including American Spectator, Penthouse, Smoke, Bobbi, Rochester Magazine, UMM, Kanawa, and others, writing on politics, culture, society and the outdoors. He has covered everything from Amazonian shamanism to anti-globalization riots, and from homelessness to hitchhiking. His latest venture is the global release of his fiction novel - THE FLOOD, that releases today. 

"We knew at the firm that we had hit a goldmine with THE FLOOD, I was thrilled by David’s ability to have such a reach, when I read the manuscript it was already playing as a theatrical adaptation in my mind” states Melissa McComas , CEO of Tsunami Worldwide Media.   

 The Flood is an epic thriller and a remarkable work of art—you’ll read it fast, but think (and dream) about it for a long time.” states Matthew Mather, bestselling author of CyberStorm

 As a communications consultant David has worked with Fortune 500 companies, Canada’s best public relations firms, and campaigns for three cabinet ministers. David’s short stories are also available on Amazon, or featured free on his website. He has worked as a story editor for TV and film, and his own feature film The Last Party is in development with Bunk 11 Pictures. He is currently working on a stage play about Socrates (and co-authored by Plato).

The Flood is gripping thriller, family drama, and mythic tragedy from a David Sachs, a master storyteller. You’ve never read a story like The Flood, the story unfolds when the Flood hit, America’s East Coast was evacuated by every means possible. Now, a luxury cruise ship overloaded with refugees lies dead in the water: no power, no communications, no sign of rescue… and a dwindling buffet. For those that escaped the Flood, the real nightmare is just beginning. Travis Cooke was desperate to reunite his family. But not like this. Trapped on the disabled ship, Travis and the unforgettable cast aboard find themselves alone in a big ocean. As the panic rises like the water, Travis finds behind each door an unexpected new side to the ship, but no way out. How far will a good man go to save the people he loves and has lost once before?

 “Buy the book and find out, stay tuned and watch it unfold on the big or small screen as studio talks are already in progress for the development of the book into a television series or film adaptation ” states Melissa McComas, CEO of Tsunami Worldwide Media.

 Outside writing, David has performed stand-up comedy; been a 2nd Lieutenant in the Canadian Forces reserves; worked at an AIDs hospital in Tanzania; published physics research articles; and is a lethal boogie piano player. He has volunteered with Canada-Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA), Nkuruba Orphanage, the Abuyudaya Youth, Toronto’s Out of the Cold Homeless Shelter and various other organizations.

When he isn’t writing or teaching his kids the wrong things, David is likely playing rugby, mountain biking, wilderness canoeing, or just playing the blues (on his harp, piano, sax or ukulele). 


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