Sun Mountain Golf Launches New Line of Golf Bags

London – April 25, 2014. Sun Mountain Golf widens its lead over competitors as it launches a new line of golf cart bags, golf carry bags, and golf trolley bags, among others. This new initiative aims to solidify the company’s status as the leading supplier of golf bags UK. Aside from the typical golf bags, the company also carries specialty golf bags UK such as waterproof golf bags and lightweight golf bags, which are meant for more demanding settings.

Sun Mountain golf bags continuously feature in many golf magazines and golf digest hot lists and are expected to keep up with the trend with the introduction of new Sun Mountain H2NO and Sun Mountain Micro Cart products. Its new line of waterproof golf bags and lightweight golf bags is also expected to make a splash as the country braces itself for more frequent rains this coming season.

More and more people find the need to invest in good golf equipment as the sport expands its fan base, which is why more manufacturers are taking advantage of the boom. Two more new Sun Mountain H2NO bags are expected to hit the shelves just in time for fall, which are expected to be the perfect companion for golf trolleys.

About Sun Mountain Golf

Sun Mountain Golf is a leading provider of golf cart bags, golf carry bags and golf trolley bags, among several other accessories related to the sport. Sun Mountain golf bags have been the constant companion of many enthusiasts of this once leisurely game which has since become a truly competitive sport of its own. Other products on offer include the Sun Mountain Micro Cart and other variations of golf trolleys.

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