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China is a large corn supplier and consumer worldwide, with its corn industry playing an important role in the agricultural industry nationwide. However, China's corn starch and corn alcohol, the main application fields of corn, have met overcapacity in recent years. Thus, the Chinese government has endeavored to regulate the development of the domestic corn industry through a series of policies, some of which were adopted to restrict the overgrowth of corn starch, while others were employed to stimulate the development of corn deep processing and corn by-products, such as corn gluten meal and amino acids.

Corn cob is the corn rod without shelled corn, which is a by-product of corn that can't be widely utilized in industrial production so far. Only 35% of the product is used in industrial processing in China. What's the situation of supply and demand of corn cob in China? Is it already a sunset industry or another booming one in the future?

Corn gluten meal, together with corn oil and corn steep liquor, are the main by-products of corn starch. With its high protein content, it is widely used in the feed industry. However, corn starch is already in overcapacity and the Chinese government has released a series of policies to restrict the overgrowth of the product. Under such a situation, how is corn gluten meal affected? Will its price go out of control?

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DDGS, a kind of corn alcohol by-product, is widely used in feed. Since 2009, a large amount of imported DDGS has been spreading out through the Chinese market. Affected by this, domestic DDGS producers have had to face more intense competition from the overseas market. To mitigate the pressure suffered by domestic producers, the Chinese government carried out an anti-dumping survey on the imported DDGS. In the report, CCM analyzed the current competition between home-made DDGS and its overseas counterpart. You can find answers to such questions as: Along with the execution of China's anti-dumping survey, how will domestic DDGS producers break through the challenges from the overseas DDGS suppliers? Will there be a possibility for domestic producers to grab back the DDGS market?

In order to figure out China's corn by-product market, CCM also briefly introduced other by-products of the corn industry such as corn oil and corn steep liquor. Through deep investigation and analysis, detailed information of China's corn by-product industry has been unfolded as follows in the report,

  • Corn planting and related policies in China
  • Introduction to corn industrial chain
  • Current production and consumption of corn cob, corn gluten meal and DDGS in China, and forecast from 2014 to 2018;
  • Analysis on the domestic price of corn cob, corn gluten meal and DDGS during 2008-2013, and price forecast from 2014 to 2015;
  • Top producers of DDGS and corn gluten meal in China (2012);
  • Application pattern of corn cob, corn gluten meal and DDGS in China (2012)

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Table of Contents

Executive summary 1

Methodology and definition 3

1 Overview of corn industry in China 6
1-1 Corn planting 6
1-2 Introduction to industrial chain of corn 9
1-3 Supply and demand of corn 10
1-4 Policies for corn industry 12 50

2 Corn cob in China 16
2-1 Supply 16
2-2 Price 18
2-2-1 Historical price (2008-2013) 18
2-2-2 Price forecast (2014-2015) 19
2-3 Demand 20
2-3-1 Consumption 20
2-3-2 Application fields 21
2-3-2-1 Application pattern 21
2-3-2-1-1 Furfural
2-3-2-1-2 Xylose
2-3-2-1-3 Others
2-4 Forecast on supply and demand 23

3 Corn gluten meal in China 25
3-1 Brief introduction to corn starch 25
3-2 Corn gluten meal 27
3-2-1 Supply 27
3-2-1-1 Producer and distribution 27
3-2-1-2 Capacity and output 29
3-2-2 Production technology 30
3-2-3 Import and export 32
3-2-4 Price 33
3-2-4-1 Historical price (2008-2013) 33
3-2-4-2 Price forecast (2014-2015) 36
3-2-5 Demand 36
3-2-5-1 Consumption 36
3-2-5-2 Application fields 37
3-2-5-2-1 Application pattern
3-2-5-2-1-1 Feed for pigs
3-2-5-2-1-2 Feed for poultry
3-2-5-2-1-3 Feed for ruminants
3-2-5-2-1-4 Feed for aquatic animals
3-2-5-2-1-5 Others
3-2-6 Forecast 41
3-2-6-1 Forecast on supply 41
3-2-6-2 Forecast on demand 42

4 DDGS in China 43
4-1 Brief introduction to corn alcohol 43
4-2 DDGS 44
4-2-1 Supply 44
4-2-1-1 Producer and distribution 44
4-2-1-2 Capacity and output 46
4-2-2 Production technology 47
4-2-3 Import and export 49
4-2-4 Price 50
4-2-4-1 Historical price (2008-2013) 50
4-2-4-2 Price forecast (2014-2015) 52
4-2-5 Demand 52
4-2-5-1 Consumption 52
4-2-5-2 Application fields 53
4-2-5-2-1 Application pattern
4-2-5-2-1-1 Feed for pigs
4-2-5-2-1-2 Feed for poultry
4-2-5-2-1-3 Feed for ruminants
4-2-5-2-1-4 Feed for aquatic animals
4-2-6 Forecast 57
4-2-6-1 Forecast on supply 57
4-2-6-2 Forecast on demand 58

5 Brief introduction to other by-products in corn processing 59

6 Conclusions and suggestions 60

7 Company profile 61
7-1 DDGS companies 61
7-1-1 COFCO Biochemical (Anhui) Co., Ltd. 61
7-1-2 Meihekou Fukang Alcohol Co., Ltd. 62
7-1-3 Jilin New Tianlong Wine Industry Co., Ltd. 63
7-1-4 Zhaodong COFCO Bio-energy and Bio-chemical Co., Ltd. 64
7-1-5 Jilin Fuel Alcohol Co., Ltd. 65
7-2 Corn gluten meal companies 66
7-2-1 Zhucheng Xingmao Corn Developing Co., Ltd. 66
7-2-2 Changchun Dacheng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. 67
7-2-3 China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited 69
7-2-4 Xiwang Sugar Holdings Company Limited 70
7-2-5 Luzhou Bio-chem Technology Co., Ltd.

List of Tables

Table 2.2.1-1 Market price of corn cob in different regions of China, Aug. 2013,
Table Top five producers of corn gluten meal in China, 2012
Table 3.2.2-1 Comparison between the two methods for corn gluten meal production
Table Output and consumption of corn gluten meal in China, 2008-2012, tonne
Table Top five producers of DDGS in China, 2012
Table 4.2.2-1 Comparison among the three methods for DDGS production
Table Consumption of DDGS in pig feed in China, 2012, tonne
Table Consumption of DDGS in poultry feed in China, 2012, tonne
Table Consumption of DDGS in ruminant feed in China, 2012, tonne
Table Consumption of DDGS in feed for aquatic animals in China, 2012, tonne

List of Figures

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