FingerCheck Introduces Background Checks Feature to Workforce Management Solution

New York, NY, June 12, 2014 - FingerCheck’s all-inclusive Workforce Management Solution adds background checks feature for increased functionality and efficiency for hiring staff. The time clock software and human resources tools from FingerCheck streamline human resources activity to create a better experience for employees. The background checks feature comes in a time when this element is essential for most hiring processes.

“It’s becoming more and more common for businesses to screen candidates either before or after making an offer of employment. Ninety-two percent of employers that use background checks will discuss the issue with the candidate before deciding whether or not to extend an offer, while the other eight percent of employers dismiss the candidate completely. Alongside the candidate’s qualifications, resume, and interview, a background check has become a meaningful and permanent part of the hiring process,” said Ryan King, CEO of FingerCheck.

The aim of this tool from FingerCheck is to make the hiring process as quick and efficient as possible. By reducing the number of delays and increasing the thoroughness of choosing the right employee, businesses can save money and have a better chance of finding the right candidate.

The background checks are fully integrated into FingerCheck’s Workforce Management Solution’s Applicant Tracking module. Hiring managers can run background checks without having to leave the application. Background checks can be initiated at any time in the hiring process and, when completed, the results are sent directly to the application.

The Applicant Tracking feature also includes tools to create a job posting, post it on social media networks, manage documents, send messages, and more.

To learn more about background checks and other features from FingerCheck’s Workforce Management Solution, visit FingerCheck online at or call 1-800-610-9501 to speak with a customer service representative. The time clock application company also has a blog at Fans of FingerCheck can stay updated on the latest new and more on Facebook and Twitter at and