Aventine Press is Rated ‘Outstanding’ By Print-On-Demand Reviewers and Self-Published Authors

Mark Levine, author of the ‘Must-Read’ self-publishing guide book ‘The Fine Print of Self-Publishing’ updated January 2014 commends Aventine Press saying, "Aventine is doing things the right way and is worth your consideration."

Author Mark Nicholas, of the book ‘The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat’ praises; "It's been 10 years since Aventine Press kicked off my life as an author. Shortly after signing up, my book was discovered by a publisher and has sold brilliantly ever since. I am eternally grateful to Keith and Aventine Press for giving me the opportunity to get published and amazing jump start into the writing world."

Aventine Press is honored to receive high praise from both their customers and great authors like Mark Levine. In fact, most of our clientele come as referrals from authors that have worked with Aventine Press in the past. Their reputation for excellence in customer service, book cover design, interior layout and author web page design is second to none in the industry. This is because many self-publishing companies use automated processes for page layout and even copyediting. Aventine Press employs hands-on experts to perform these tasks, not machines.

Aventine Press makes self-publishing fast, easy and affordable for today's author, as well as helping them get their books accepted by traditional presses. Our technology allows you to get your book into print quickly, while distributing through the Ingram, an industry leader for book distribution. This allows their books to be available for sale as well as achieving high sales ranks with the world's leading booksellers, including Barnes and Noble.


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