Men's Perfectly-Suited Hairstyles Based On Face Shapes from Circles of Subiaco

Circles of Subiaco, an industry-leading beauty and hair salon based in Perth, encourages men to choose for hairstyles that suits their face shapes. The company talks about the salon services on their website.

[PERTH, MAY 15, 2014] – Circles of Subiaco, an industry-leading beauty and hair salon based in Perth, encourages men to choose for hairstyles based on the shapes of their faces. Through a committed group of professional and creative stylists, they match any dream haircut with the latest trends along with styling and different colouring techniques. The hair salon provides an ultimate pampering experience with the fun and funky ambiance in the boutique salons.

Flexible Face Shape

According to Circles of Subiaco, elongated and egg-shaped faces are flexible to work on. They also note that balanced proportions of this shape allows barbers and hairdressers to experiment with different styles. They remind clients to do away with heavy bangs, which makes the face appear rounder.

The company also says that heart- and diamond-shaped faces are also flexible proportions to enhance. They suggest a slicked back fashion or one-sided brush for this shape of face, while adding to avoid cutting the sides too short.

For Leaner and Slender Looks

The primary salon suggests a carefully-layered cut or curled bangs to go with square-shaped faces. This style softens the hard edges of a man’s face. According to the boutique salon, males with square jaw lines and prominent cheekbones should choose styles that make a leaner and slender look.

Illusion-Creating Style

Circles of Subiaco recommends a toned-down Elvis Presley hairstyle for men with round faces, which have no visible edges or corners. They discuss that this style may create illusions that clients possess the missing features.

With the commitment to professional hair styling, they take pride in the services tailored for the needs of customers. They are also dedicated in providing a complete fun experience at their salons with up-to-date makeup and hair styles.


Circle of Subiaco, home of the leading make-up stylists and hairdressers in Perth, offers professional styling and beauty services. With the highly qualified hair stylists and makeup artists, they provide clients with up-to-date hairstyle and makeup trends. They tailor solutions that suit the needs of the clients. As the company commits to innovation, they are constantly surpassing professional standards, ensuring high-end salon experience and services from the experts.

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