Outrider USA’s New Adaptive Use Electric Bike Exceeds Goal on Kickstarter with 68 Hours To Go

With 70 hours left in their Kickstarter campaign, Outrider USA announced today that they have exceeded their $100k goal for the adaptive use electric bike, The Horizon.  

“We’re really humbled by the level of support and excitement from the community for The Horizon,” said Jesse Lee of Outrider USA. “This successful Kickstarter campaign allows us to bring the joy of riding a bike to people with disabilities - and that’s a mission that means a lot to our company as well as the people who will soon be riding!”

Outrider USA’s Horizon has been featured in numerous media outlets throughout the campaign including Electric Bike Action Magazine, Treehugger, KPBS, Gizmag, Bike Rumor and more.

Outrider has designed and built the first Horizon prototype, but needs funding help with the tooling and production costs of the first production run. With crowdfunding support, they will be able to distribute a portion of this first production run to adaptive centers and rehab facilities across the United States and receive valuable feedback from beta testers.

“Bringing a product to production that is as technologically complex and as high performance as the Horizon trike is a big undertaking,” said Tom Ausherman of Outrider USA. “ We’ve been innovating in the electric bike industry for a combined 15 years, and we know without a doubt we have the team and expertise to bring the Horizon to the marketplace. We’re making big waves, but we’re still a small company so we need your help to bring it to production!”

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Operation: Turbo Tommy

Though they’ve reached their goal, Outrider is hardly taking a rest. On Tuesday, April 8th, they will attempt a new electric bike speed record with what they’re calling Operation: Turbo Tommy. Tommy Ausherman, of Outrider USA, will ride a modified 422 Alpha electric trike on a closed airport landing strip at 80+mph. If successful, Ausherman will be the fastest man in history on an electric bike.

About Outrider USA

Outrider USA is located in Fletcher, NC and has been producing high performance electric bikes and trikes since 2009.  Formerly known as “FFR Trikes”, Outrider’s record setting first and second place finish at the 2012 Pike’s Peak Hillclimb competition has sparked performance oriented innovation in the growing electric bike industry.  

Outrider USA has received rave reviews for their line of recumbent electric bikes and trikes.  

“This counts as my favorite test ride of any production electric bike ever.  Outrider trikes are so much fun to ride that anyone spending a day on one… will probably not forget that day for the rest of their life.” -

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