286 Madison Dental Highlight the Benefits of an Intra-Oral Camera

286 Madison Dental is now promoting the advantages of its intra-oral camera, one of the many technologies it uses to make its firm the best dentist practice in NYC. The practice prides itself on using all the latest advancements in the field to make dental health care as easy, painless, and comfortable for its patients as possible.

“Our experience has shown us time and again that using the latest technology, like the intra-oral camera, is invaluable. Not only does it give us more information so we can provide better care, it also creates a more comfortable experience for our patients,” said Dr. Eliaz Kaufman, a certified periodontist and oral surgeon located in NYC.

The small, handheld intra-oral camera is no larger than the regular mirror used by any NYC dentist, but it offers a number of additional functions. It can take videos or pictures of the teeth and project them with up to 25 times magnification for both dentist and patient to review, allowing clients of 286 Madison Dental to take a more active role in their oral health with a clearer view of what’s going on inside their mouth. The camera allows the periodontist to easily discover early signs of trouble and highlight ways to prevent or treat any issues. As an added benefit, the images taken by the intra-oral camera are often an invaluable tool in convincing insurance companies that treatment is required and should be covered.

For more information about the latest technologies in use at 286 Madison Dental, visit its website at or call 646-487-1456. Additional details about the New York cosmetic dentists at the practice can be found on the brand’s social profiles, including on Facebook and Twitter at and, respectively. The practice also maintains a blog at with tips and tricks related to oral health.