Players Staying On Top Of Pre-Training Camp Workouts

Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden explained to the media on the last day of minicamp in June that he was confident the players would continue to get themselves ready for the upcoming season by hitting their training regimens hard.

“The players…they have to continue to train and work on their own,” Gruden said. “They should be in good shape but we’re still going to keep in touch, close contact with our strength coaches. They’ll have programs for them and hopefully they will do their work.

“It’s about working not so much in front of your coaches, but on your own, and hopefully we have the type of guys in this locker room that are going to work hard on their own and hopefully it’ll pay dividends once we come to camp.”

Since Coach Gruden isn’t a member of the Twitterverse, Redskins Blog would like to fill him–and the rest of Redskins Nation–in on what the players have been doing to stay in shape.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III has been all over social media showing teammates and opponents how a top quarterback in the NFL trains.

Anyone want to take a stab as to how much weight Griffin III was squatting?

405 pounds.

“I was squatting 405 pounds,” he told Fox Sports last week. “I did six reps. I had sets of 10, 8 and 6.”

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson has been showing off his elite speed to the locals in his native California:

Safeties Ryan Clark and Brandon Meriweather have been working out together:

While Clark has also had the privilege of working out with some younger gym goers:

Like the quarterback he protects, offensive lineman Adam Gettis added massive weight to the bar during leg day:

Tight end Niles Paul with a boxing workout to keep his quickness at peak condition during the slowest time of the NFL calender:

Whoever said kickers don’t need to work out anything other than their kicking leg haven’t seen this photo of Kai Forbath:

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall tried his hand at the ‘Darrel Green workout’.




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