The Review of the General Portable Charger

Nowadays I have a review for you, but I also have a great deal on the goods. What I have for review, at present, is the Universal backup portable charger which normally sells for $49.99, but it’s on sale for $29.99. However, to sweeten the deal, I’ve got a code that provides you $20 off bring the price to only $9.99. I added to my cart, using the code and with shipping it was only $15.99 shipped. So it’s obviously a universal charger, however, it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen and as a bonus. When you register your product, you’ll be eligible for two free tips per year for life! Yes, that’s for life, forever, every year you can get two tips. So, reading on to learn more and see the very end of the review for the code so you can get that $20 discount.

  As usual, we start with the boxes. The box for the backup portable battery charger does have a flap that opens. When you open the box you’ll find another box which has a removable top or tray that holds the tips. When you remove the top, you’ll find even more stuff beneath. In the bottom division, you’ll find the AC adapter, cloth carrying bag, user manual, registration information and another bag with USB cables as well as an Apple adapter.

  There are two USB cables involved, which they’re the stretchy or springy type. The Apple cable is really just a regular USB cable with an Apple connector on it. The two USB cables have female type connections on the ends for the contained tips.

  The tips are involved, what's more, the Apple one are a micro USB type one, one for Nokia, a mini USB one, a flat type for Samsung mobile phones and then another flat one for LG phones. So, all in all, there are five charging adapters included, if you weren’t obeying track. Therefore, finally, here’s the Gopro backup battery. It comes with a clear defensive sticker over it for shipping.

  There’s a green line running around the sides for some reason, on the contrary, the sides as well as the portion of the top and bottom are rubberized for grip. The bottom has the ID sticker on it along with labels for the ports. On the one end you’ll find all of the ports for input power, and then there are two consistent USB connections.

  Here are the couple pictures without the plastic cover on it. The purpose I say this is that you really don’t even need any special tips, so if you’ve got your cable you can charge your device. Especially you’ll never have to even buy tips for it if you don’t want to. Therefore, since you can get two free tips for life every year, why not take advantage of it and use the tips. If a company stops supporting it or making tips for one of those more specialized chargers then you’re out of luck.

  The sale value is $29.99 and for that I think it’s worth it, however, with the code I provided above I see to it that no real reason why you shouldn’t go and buy one right now really. 

  The only real issue I have, with this product, is the carrying case. It’s really not the most fantastic at all. It would be nice if they included a better quality case with pockets for the tips and UBS cables.